Oct 14, 2018

Affinity at Serangoon condo location - Singapore Property

Affinity At Serangoon is a 99 years lease private condo development which will be launched in Serangoon North Property and Serangoon Backyards. Led by Oxley Holdings, the consortium Oxley Holdings, Lian Beng Group, KSH Holdings and Apricot will jointly develop the website. The site will love views to the horizon as it is facing Serangoon Landed Property, which zoning will stay as landed.

The top site will be constructed with the family at heart and will contain 1012 units, 40 strata houses, and 5 commercial shops. All devices will be constructed with efficiency and space at heart while maximising the stunning views that Serangoon provides. Most devices will be built-in the North-South Orientation Facing. Benefit from the amenities and convenience the Serangoon Town provides.

Affinity at Serangoon: “Affinity evokes a sense of closeness and knowing that one will have towards their community and the neighbourhood. An all natural preference for and knowledge of someone or something”

Affinity at Serangoon – Very Own Video Production

Capture our video creation where our filmmakers and sales force transpired to Serangoon and spoke to residents and community leaders to learn more about Serangoon and filmed and heartwarming film in regards to a father and boy with deep origins to Serangoon. Keep tuned in!
Serangoon’s very own food handbook – The Food Hood

Affinity At Serangoon! Get your meal HOOD handheld booklet that people have painstakingly done as well as Singapore food connoisseur KF Seetoh! We provides you through Serangoon’s every nook and cranny so that you and your dearest staying in Affinity at Serangoon knows where to look for the best and tastiest street food, restaurants, cafĂ©, Kopitiam in Serangoon!

Delish and delight in what an ultra-mature estate that Serangoon has to offer. Located strategically just next to Serangoon Gardens, where rows and rows of international and famous national cuisines await your taste buds! Discover the secrets that the foodie has in his mysterious FOOD HOOD booklet! Explore the markets of Serangoon North Avenue 1, look for the sweet treat stall uncle that has been there for 20 over years!

Do you know that you don’t have to travel to Jalan Kayu or Casuarina for famous prate too? Understand how Chomp and the rejuvenation of Serangoon Gardens came about. You’d be most amazed! Step into our new launch condominium showroom now located along Serangoon Avenue 1 and speak to our sales associates and get your free copy of The Food Hood!

This residential enclave in Serangoon North and rare condominium development opportunity to own an unit here is not to be left unchecked and undiscovered.

Home Grown Architect – DPA

The leading architect for this Condominium project is our homegrown DP architects. The architectural practice has been evolving with our nation since independence. There is a deep focus from the architects of DP on environmental impact and to create architect of excellence. Also called DPA, the company aims to enrich the human experience and works of architecture.

Singapore property - Now their next focus will be Affinity At Serangoon. You may spot the familiar and iconic structures of Singapore like the Singapore Flyers, Esplanade, Singapore Sports Hub, multiple award-winning condominium projects, recent new launch projects, Cathedrals, i12 Katong, and many others. They are indeed the dragon of the industry and this partnership of Oxley Holdings and Consortium, together with DPA (DP architects), is poised to create a masterpiece and iconic task for Serangoon Property.

Vicinity and Transport

The site is at URA’s Serangoon Planning area. Comparative advancements in the region include Kensington Recreation area, Affinity At Serangoon by Oxley Holdings. Somewhat further to the East will be Terrasse. There's been a drought for new condo launches in the property therefore Affinity At Serangoon will as well as Keppel and Wingtai YOUR GARDEN Residences will rejuvenate and revitalise the whole area and neighbourhood, the worthiness of the property will be elevated and tremendous levels of activities and vitality will be injected in to the property.

Having solid move connectivity, residents of Affinity At Serangoon will get access to major arterial roads and expressways. Residents are certain to get to enjoy many choices of searching for pleasure, eating with the family and entertainment galore and many choices over at close by Nex Shopping Centre, Hougang Shopping mall, Hougang Event Market, searching for groceries and damp market shopping at stop 151 to 154 group of market. The excellent site is also situated easily next to a global school of founded existence - Lycee Francais De Singapour, a French International College.

Significant schools such as Rosyth School and Zhonghua Major School is also within 1km radius of Affinity At Serangoon. International Institutions such as Lycee Francias Singapour as mentioned and Australian International School are also within short distance.

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