Oct 10, 2018

Buyers agent Sydney: Qualities of a good condominium

Condominiums are convenient. They are located in upscale locations, have prime amenities, and is overall functional. The functionality and accessibility of a condominium makes it more splendid especially to younger home Buyers agent Sydney. But what should you look after when you are looking for a condominium? Here are some of the qualities.

Building Quality and Workmanship

The condo development world works in two ways. One: the developer owns the construction company that manages the construction process; or two: the developer relies on outside construction companies to bid on the job and then makes their selection and contracts a builder. In this case, the selection is often based on the lowest cost or value for money. There’s really no right way to do it, but in the first scenario, the developer generally has more visibility and control over the management of the project to ensure construction quality standards are met. So if quality is a top priority on your list, the choice is clear.
Property Interest

As a condo owner, your interest in real property is conveyed by deed. The interest is comparable to that of any other owner of a freehold estate in real property, and you are free to sell or convey your interest at will. Like other types of property, ownership can be held by an individual, by two or more individuals as tenants in common, by a husband and wife as tenants by the entirety, or by a business entity.


A building’s amenities are an extension of your living space and should make you feel comfortable and align with your needs and priorities. If you don’t swim, perhaps a building with an Olympic sized pool isn’t the right fit. On the other hand, if you like to entertain large groups of friends, a building with a large, beautifully designed and functional party room would be more suited to your needs, and therefore, a better investment for your lifestyle. Or, if you love to run 5k on the treadmill to burn off some energy after a long day at work, you’ll want to know what the gym is like. Is it in the corner of the basement with no natural light, or will you be jogging with a beautiful view of Toronto’s city skyline? Amenities that matter to you are important to maximizing the value of your investment so make sure to look closely at amenity drawings and speak to the sales centre representatives about them.

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

In addition to maintaining the common areas, the HOA establishes the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) of the condominium development. These are the governing documents that determine how the association operates and the rules the owners (and any tenants and guests) must follow. These are legal documents that are sometimes called the bylaws or the master deed.

CC&Rs might dictate, for example, the color of any interior window treatments or the size/breed of allowable pets. The consequences for breaking a rule might include fines, forced compliance, a lawsuit or even foreclosure. As such, always review these documents with an experienced real estate attorney before making any offers on the unit. If you can’t find the CC&Rs online, ask your real estate agent for a copy or contact the HOA directly.


If you’re looking at a condo development that claims premium or upgraded finishes such as granite countertops, high-end appliances, and so on, make sure you get a clear understanding of what that means. There are no “real” standards when it comes to finishes; they vary from building to building and developer to developer. For example, standard finishes included in the base price of a unit offered by one builder may be equivalent to the upgraded finishes by another builder, and vice versa.

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