Oct 17, 2018

Five ways to modernize your parlor room

A parlor should be a comfortable place where guests can have quiet conversations after dinner or playing board games with family members. The room should be an inviting space that instantly draws a guest in and naturally offers comfort. The concept of a parlor is traditional. However, modernizing your parlor rooms adds comfort and relieves the busy day from work. There are five ways you can upgrade your parlor room to be modern and more attractive. 
A Light-flooded parlor room 

The parlor is compact and small with big windows. It is enough to entertain a few guests. The idea of big windows is to allow natural light to enter the room making it bright, comfy and inviting. It will help the room seem much bigger. If the room is dimly lit, the house will look dark and small. By letting the light in, you invite great and hearty conversations in the room brought about by the beautiful sun rays from the windows. Dimly lit rooms are at times depressing. In the night, add in lamps of your choice and design to lighten up the room. 

A textured parlor room 

It’s amazing how many shapes and textures you can incorporate in your parlor and still maintain its purpose. Textures bring a different feel into the room. Different textures create different characters in the parlor. Textures make the room vibrant and eclectic. 

A blend of different textures together blends the room. It can either look luxurious or cozy depending on what texture is preferred. Incorporating textures like fur, leather, and wood gives the parlor room some personality. For instance, a cozy room has fur elements, natural elements like plants, a coffee table made of wood and a comfy couch. Texture also means the accents that are blended into the room like mirrors, wooden artifacts, coffee table books, and other accents of your choice. However, keep the textures at a minimal to maintain simplicity. Too many textures look exaggerated. 

A colorful statement 

Color is important in every parlor room. It's what draws the eyes and lightens the mood. It's known that bright colors widens the space and makes the room look much bigger than it is. The parlor room is small and therefore, play with colors and choose what makes you happy. You can also mix up a few different colors but remember to keep it at a minimal. Just like texture, don't overdo it.

If bright colors are not what you desire for your parlor room, you can decide to pick monochromatic or warm colors. It allows your room to play with different textures and add different accents and art pieces on walls or coffee tables thereby creating contrast. A monochromatic parlor room is like a blank canvas. You can incorporate bright colors by buying floor rugs or colorful art pieces. You can also include colors by adding colorful couch cushions. 

An airy space 

In as much as the parlor room is compact, let it open up into the other rooms to create flow. The parlor room should not be cramped up. The modern homes favor open spaces. Everything seamlessly connects. Open spaces make the room much larger and airy. Confined spaces can make some of your guests claustrophobic and uncomfortable. An airy space means following the minimalism guideline. The art of having little and making the most of it. Always have the room clean since, in an airy space, dirt can easily be spotted. 

Keep it warm 

A fireplace is an excellent way to keep the room much more cozy and warm. A fireplace is a central attraction in a parlor. A warm place makes great conversations. In addition to the fireplace, you can add warm rugs on the floors to keep guests comfortable as well as keeping blankets for extra warmth at night. 

Adapting a contemporary style is the way to go nowadays. There are many more ideas and concepts to help make your parlor room inviting and have character. It all depends solely on what you like and prefer. When designing the room, make sure that it ties into your character or the characters of the people living in the home to ensure that you are comfortable and don't have to change the design now and then. 

Home is the only place that allows you to be real and authentic. Make the parlor space a place where you can finally breathe after a hectic day. Always remember to keep it simple. Simplicity, as they say, is the ultimate sophistication.

Abby Drexler is a contributing writer and media specialist for My Parlor Room. She regularly produces content for a variety of home d├ęcor blogs.

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