Jul 15, 2014

Tidying Your Home and Garden

From time to time we all need to spring clean our gardens and homes and make them look their best. Depending on where you live in the world you will either have a lot or a little to do. The best time for tidying up your garden is after the winter months as it will probably be looking worse for wear after being neglected for so long. Working on your garden in the winter is out of the question in many places that suffer from very cold winters, so many people have to wait until the start of spring to begin thinking about getting their garden in shape.

Garden before spring cleaning -image:commons.wikimedia.org
Here are a few tips to help you get your garden in order before we take a look at spring-cleaning your house:
  • Try to wait until the soil in your garden has had time to dry out. Walking around on wet soil will only compact it and form clods that are hard to work with. When spring arrives you will find that the sun soon dries out your soil, enabling you to tidy up your flowerbeds and vegetable patches
  • One negative factor that is associated with winter is the arrival of weeds. When temperatures start to rise, so do weeds. When you see the first weeds of spring, get to work and get rid of them before they have chance to get out of hand. Whether you use a commercially available weed killer or you simply get rid of them by hand, you will need to be ever vigilant if you want to eradicate weeds and show off your garden to its best
  • Removing old leaves and branches that have fallen during the winter months will let the sun get to areas of your garden that have previously been covered. You may want to make compost out of this mulch and feed it back into your garden
Many people like to carry out a spring clean in their house as well as their garden. You will be able to find experts online to help you if the job is too big for you. If you live in San Antonio, death clean up experts also offer other services that can help you to get your home in a liveable condition once again. Whilst you may not have a dead body in your house, these experts will be able to help you get rid of the clutter that has built up in your home and many of them also offer an odour removal service too. Wherever you are in the world, you should have no trouble finding a cleaning expert to help you get your house back in order.

Follow these tips for getting your house clean and clutter-free:
  • Organise your clothing by getting rid of old clothes that you no longer have use for. You will be able to find many charity shops that would be happy to take these clothes off your hands. You will soon be left with a collection of neatly arranged clothes that you wear on a regular basis.
  •  Clean walls and working surfaces. You will probably find that the walls in your house can get marks on them, especially if you have young children. By simply cleaning these marks with some warm, soapy water you will be able make your house look like it has been redecorated by professionals.
  • Carpets can hold a lot of dust and they may even start to smell if you have split any liquids or food items on them. Try to vacuum your carpets on a daily basis and always clean up after any spillages. You may want to contact a specialist cleaning company if your carpets are really dirty.

If your house is not too messy, you will be able to carry out the spring clean on your own. You could start by simply collecting all the old magazines and newspapers that you have accumulated over time. You will be able to recycle much of the rubbish such as recycle empty ink and cartridges you collect and maybe make a bit of pocket money by selling it to recycling businesses. For teaching your kids about the importance of recycling and sustainability, you can check out first this recycling for kids guide.   Before long your home and garden will be looking great best again.  

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