Jul 26, 2014

Cleaning and Caring for Glass Pool Fencing

Keeping your glass pool fence clean is as easy as following these five simple tips:

Tip number one -for cleaning your glass pool fence is to stay away from glass cleaners! Glass cleaners nearly always leave a chemical residue on the glass panels that will be hard to remove and will make your fence look cloudy and smeared.
Tip number two – you just need warm water and dishwashing liquid to clean your fence. A good wash with warm soapy water followed by a hose down and your fence will look as clean and sparkly as the day it was installed.
Tip number three – the best time of day to clean your fence is in the morning. The glass will still be cool but by the time you have finished the sun will be out to dry your handiwork in no time at all.
Tip number four – do not use any abrasive cleaners, wire brushes or metal pads to clean the glass. You will risk damaging the glass surface and causing unsightly scratches. A soft bristled brush, a sponge or a cloth is fine.
Tip number five – although the glass used for pool fencing is made from toughened material it is still important to remember to treat it well. Do not splash boiling water on cold glass, or freezing water on very hot glass as you could cause internal fractures.

Keeping your glass fence clean is quick and easy. It depends on how dirty the glass gets (kids with salt water-filled water pistols can mess up your clean glass in no time at all) but as a general guide cleaning your pool fence every two to four months will be fine. Glass is a porous surface and it is also possible to apply a protective coat to your glass that helps shield it against corrosion and contaminants such as sea salt and grime – ask your installer at the time of installation.

The beauty of glass pool fencing isn’t just in the aesthetics it’s also the ease with which you can keep your glass panels spotlessly clean.

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