Jul 20, 2014

5 Useful Tips for Keeping Your HVAC System Clean

Can you just imagine what your home would be like without your HVAC unit? It would be harder to keep the rooms in your house at an even temperature. Your energy bills would probably be higher. All and all, it would simply be more challenging to stay comfortable and keep your budget where you want it to be. That's why you should do all that you can to keep your HVAC unit in top condition.

One way that you can do that is by making sure that your unit stays clean. If you'd like to know how you can do just that, here are five relatively simple and very useful tips:

Check your insulation. Something that a lot of people do not realize is that the harder their HVAC system has to work, the quicker it will get clogged up with dirt, dust and debris. That's why, it's always a good idea to keep your home well insulated. You can do this by making sure that your attic has a foot of insulation in it; some that is preferably made out of an eco-friendly material like cotton or sheep's wool. That way, your home will be better protected from extreme weather temperatures and your HVAC unit can work more efficiently.

Monitor your thermostat. If you don't already have a programmable thermostat, you should think about getting one. It's another way to keep your HVAC system from overworking itself. By setting your thermostat to be warmer in the day and cooler at night, that will help to keep your unit from blowing more than it needs to and attracting more debris than is necessary.

Keep your windows and doors closed. Although opening up your windows is a great way to increase air circulation, when your unit is on high, not only is that a surefire way to waste energy but it's also an easy way for small particles dirt and dust to come into the rooms of your house and go through your vents. So, during the day, try and keep your windows and doors closed. If you want some fresh air, crack your windows at night when the temperature is milder.

Clean out your air ducts. If you were to read an article that talked about understanding "degree days" on your utility bill in order to conserve energy, one of the tips that it might offer is make sure that you properly maintenance your HVAC system. One way that you can do that is by cleaning out your air ducts. If you've never done it before, there are plenty of websites that can walk you through the process. One of them is RealEstate.AOL.com. Just go to the site and put "how to clean air ducts" in the search field.

Change your filters regularly. One of the best ways to keep your HVAC system clean is also one of the easiest: change your filters. Being that they are designed to keep your unit and the air that you breathe as clean as possible, it's important that you change them every 60-90 days. To find the air filter that works best for your system, refer to your owner's manual or go to your local Lowe's or Home Depot.

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