Jul 1, 2014

Create a Vintage-Style Bedroom

Fashion trends come and go but one trend we can’t seem to get bored of is vintage. Vintage is not one of those styles that scream “look at me” the moment you enter the room – it whispers sweet delicacies in your ear and before you know it, you are in love with it. The color pallet is pretty sensual – there are shades of blue, pink, eggshell, crisp white, green, cream. Basically, these colors are a must for anything to be labeled vintage.

Mixing, matching and combining of variety of styles with vintage is great too. Many opt for the mixture of modern design and a touch of vintage, for that much needed touch of romance, class and nostalgia. If you are a vintage-lover, here are some tips that will help recreate this whimsical style in your bedroom.
Vintage style bedroom
Delicate fabrics
To give your room that wonderful vintage feel, dress it in organza, lace, taffeta and the softest cotton you can find. Have an organza-covered lampshade and place a single lace curtain in front of your window. To make the room look even cozier and warmer, give it a touch of wool, quilt and a crocheted blanket. All handmade items are the absolute vintage! Still, whatever you do, don’t over do it. Yes, we get it- you are in love with the beauty of vintage but even vintage sometimes goes by ‘less is more’. So, be mindful of the details and how you work them.
Traditional rugs
Nothings says vintage like a traditional rug that your favorite grandma left you! If you want to use it for your bedroom or your living room, the only thing you should do is have it cleaned so that old stains are removed. Believe it or not, many even buy new carpets and turn them vintage by spilling coffee, green tea and dirt over it (in order for it to get that oldish, worn out feel)! Another option is to hunt these traditional rugs on garage sales – and get them at a cheap price, too!
Natural finishes and elegant silhouettes
Vintage is all about natural finishes. Start by repainting your wooden floors a light color. After the floor is dry, add a carpet in cream or white and know that the bigger it is the more vintage it is! Now, you’ve got yourself a perfect base for your bedroom.

As for the bed, you can choose among a wooden one, gold or bronze one. These bed frames go perfectly with the vintage theme. As for other furniture, you may opt for wicker chairs or stool. They ooze old world charm, and they look romantic and natural.

Have in mind that vintage is a lot about floral pattern, so why not choose a cover for bed in light pink and beige florals for the perfect vintage feel! If though you’re sharing your bedroom with someone who might not appreciate flowers, white bedding with just a couple of scattered floral cushions will do. Mirrors are another interesting part of vintage décor, so consider choosing a wall that will have randomly placed mirrors in variety of shapes and sizes. Make use of glass perfume bottles and beads, antique jewellery boxes and necklaces. If your necklaces go with the theme, hang them from a wall-mounted coat rack to create striking décor features. 

If you are creative, you can always make jewelry boxes or storage boxes out of old shoe boxes you don’t use and make them a part of your vintage décor. All you need is a proper wallpaper (make sure you buy those that come in with their own glue that’s already a part of the wallpaper to avoid unwanted lines), in color or pattern you like (i suggest you go for floral), wrap the box with it and there you go! Only, if you are making these, don’t just randomly pick patterns and take ALL of the ones you like. You need to have a direction you go on in so it doesn’t look crowded.

Flea markets have some amazing pieces that will fit your vintage vision, and at prices that’ll make you smile.

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