Jul 17, 2014

Alfresco Blinds: Perth Home Renovators Suggest Using These to Create Extra Useful Space for Your Home

Do you own a modest home that’s just the right size for your family but too small if you add another member? Well, most homes in Australia are such, especially in the city where dwellings are made in a compact fashion. It’s easy to come up with solutions to make do with small rooms especially if they’ll be used by the little ones; nowadays, there are beds designed for three people that can fit in a single bedroom – it’s certainly cramped, but young children rarely have any issue with that. However, if you’ll be housing a weekend guest, you’re going to have to create more comfortable conditions for him or her.

One of the savvy solutions to consider that you can quickly carry out for such a purpose (but can also maintain permanently for your home) is a thoughtful installation of Alfresco blinds. Perth home renovators claim that these blinds are perfect for properly enclosing porches, terraces, patios and even gazebos. Commonly used by dining establishments to take advantage of natural lighting and ventilation — and most customers’ desire for an easy view of the “outside” — these blinds effortlessly showcase their functional potentials which can be applied to other building structures, such as the regular home.

Now, going back to the creation of extra useful space for the home, these blinds can be installed in home extensions that directly open to the outdoors, such as the ones mentioned earlier. They are durable and sturdy enough to provide protection from winds, dust, insects and other elements, hence they make great “instant” walls. Home renovation professionals say that using these blinds to enclose patios, porches and gazebos to create a private, useful room is like being able to provide guests a very comfortable tent to temporarily live in.

Alfresco blinds come in retractable types that can be quickly adjusted to provide the right amount of shade and privacy for a space. Some can be controlled by a remote control and roll up quickly at a push of a button, and then there are those that can be pushed and locked up (to serve as an instant roofing extension) and down. They can also come in various materials and designs to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of homeowners.

So, if you find yourself in need of an extra room for your house guests to use, consider this economical solution if you’re not keen on going for a real renovation job. These blinds will continue to prove their value as home features long after your guests have left.

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