Jul 7, 2014

Making Your Home Dog-Friendly

If you thought thing through and decided you want to buy or even better yet adopt a puppy you must have a lot of concerns.
First thing you need to know is how to choose a puppy from the litter.
-Never pick the smallest or the biggest puppy from the litter.
-Do not take a puppy that is already at the age of 2 month and that looks like an adult. A puppy has to go through several stages of growing up.
-Do not take the puppy that is standing aside on the ones that have a sad look in their eyes. There is a high possibility that it is sick or full of worms.
-Choose a cheery puppy that looks fun at first sight. Find one that will look you right in the eyes and have that confident look on its face. To make sure that you pick the right one you should play with them for a while.
Preparing your home
Determine the best place to put your puppies before you bring them home. This place has to be warm but avoid putting the bed or the basket near heat sources such a radiators and ovens. It is not recommended either to put your puppies close to the front door. One thing that will be of great use is the bed for your pets that you can buy in your local pet stores. The basket should have an opening though which your puppy can easily get in and out. Look for beds made out of biodegradable or recycled materials. If you are short on money a wider cardboard box will do at first. You should cut it a few centimeters from the ground to make sure it is not too high for your pet. It is important that you put a warm furry blanket to simulate the feeling of care due to the separation from its mother.
Buy a par of bowls so you can separately give him food and water. The best advice is to avoid plastic bowls even though they are cheaper the materials that they are made out of are unstable and unhealthy. The second reason is because the plastic bowls are too light and you puppy can easily roll it over. Heavy metal bowls with the rubber at the bottom can prevent the bowl from slipping on the floor and making a mess. Prepare a place where your puppy can urinate if you don’t want to clean the urine around the house. If you have a backyard you should buy a pet door for ensuring that your dog will stay active and outgoing.
Get rid of things around the house that could be easily knocked over and broken. Hide the newspaper and slippers so your dog doesn’t play with those things instead buy him a toxic free toy at the local pet store. Clean the toys regularly to avoid any diseases. Buy a leash of a collar at its early age to make him get used to walk along your side. In is very important to choose a vet who will follow its development and progress. Brush you dog regularly and buy a product for keeping the fleas out you house. In order to dress your dog not to jump on the bed the best thing to do is to reward him with a treat every time he obeys the command. Buy covers for the furniture so you can easily remove the hair. Don’t hit your dog when he does something wrong instead punish him by sending him to another room.

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