Jul 11, 2014

Melbourne Builders Share Tips for People Attempting A DIY Home Renovation

There are so many tutorials on how to effectively carry out a home renovation project these days, and a lot of people are encouraged to try the DIY route for home improvements and repairs because of how easy these tutorials make the process seem. If you’re one of these people considering a do-it-yourself home renovation, you must understand that the project will spring upon you some confusing situations that have never been featured in any of the tutorials you’ve seen on YouTube or those popular reality TV home makeover shows.

But if, despite these, you’re still sure that it’s the best option for you because of your budget considerations and whatnot, just be sure to take on the project well-informed. To help you get started the right way, here are some tips from trusted Melbourne builders that you can use for quality building solutions.
1. Don’t forget you live “here.” You need to make physical adjustments to still accommodate your home activities. If work will be done in the kitchen, for example, designate an alternative location for cooking as well as a place to temporarily move the stove, fridge and other kitchen essentials to.
2. Melbourne home renovations professionals also advise conducting adequate research to really save money. Visit hardware stores and online suppliers so you can prepare your budget well and identify how you can get more for what you’ll pay for. Also, in doing your homework, you can avoid any hidden costs and then decide on which items you might want to splurge on.
3.   Always listen to your inspector. They will not only help you secure the permits you need for the project but they can also help ensure that your project will be completed in the safest manner.
4.   For paint jobs, follow this process: prep properly (create a smooth dry wall), choose a paint finish (flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss), then select a colour.
5.   Set a time-table for the project to be completed but always expect delays. Like what was mentioned earlier, a DIY project can spring upon you some situations that you may not be prepared for; just adapt and don’t worry too much about extending another day or a couple more days for completion.
6. Identify some aspects of the project that are best done by professionals. Yes, it’s a DIY effort, but the idea here is you can avoid duplicate efforts and double expenses if you hire the professionals who are thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced in carrying out such tasks.
7.   Keep records and all copies of your permits and receipts. In doing this, you can find that specific tile design or paint colour you’ll need for future fixes, and have documentation for tax purposes.

About the author: Kenneth Lawrence is a homeowner. He loves to write anything about home improvement. He likewise shares some DIY home improvement tips. He continuously learns about the home improvement industry by reading books and visiting relevant sites like http://www.legionbuilding.com.au/. He shares what he learned through blogging.  

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