Jul 11, 2014

Cheap Ways to Increase Home Value

If you are thinking of selling or renting, then this is the right time to be thinking of increasing your home value. Even though it may turn out to be quite an expensive task, it is really vital to upgrade, remodel and renovate a house so that you demand a rightful price for it. There are a number of things you can do to make it adequate for the market while staying on a low budget. Yes, it does sound impossible but it really isn’t. You just need to be careful and mindful of the details.

Here are some steps that may lead you to boosting your home value:

Inside is crucial
Inside of the house is, obviously, crucial. You need to have it neat and clean. Go with bright interior lights. A cheap way to give a fresh touch to the interior is to buy new curtains and linens. It will look elegant and give the feeling of new. Install new door handles, door bells and new locks. Keep the kitchen and bathroom spotless, and replace fixtures such as sink faucets and shower heads. Also, don’t forget to have all plumbing issues resolved. Add new wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint to prominent rooms such as the living room and kitchen. Walls you don’t intend to have repainted need to be washed. As for carpets – either shampoo them thoroughly or buy new ones.

Exterior is important
You know how we are taught that when meeting someone new, first impressions are the important, maybe even crucial? Well, the same goes for houses. The state potential buyers find it in will be the image stuck with them till the rest of the journey. So, keep the yard free of eyesores like dead trees and shrubs as well as free of clutters. Then, start with building a new fence around the property and changing the front door. Pint it some welcoming color, like white or any other that matches the tone of your home wall paint. Another good idea may be to add some flowers and plants along the front of the house, wash the house's exterior and apply new paint to window trim and other wooden surfaces.

Use space in a smart way
You know that room you’ve been using for ironing? Well, it’s time you turned into a room your clients will actually see as additional space! Remodel your attic or basement into a fancy teenage room, or instance. You can ask your realtor what it is that the clients are looking for and adjust to their needs – whether it’s a nursery, a master bedroom, crafting room, or else. Basically, invent a room!

Create Multiple Seating Areas
If you have a huge balcony or a terrace that you’ve used just for random coffee breaks it’s time you turned it into a summer den! Add patio furniture (you can get some amazing pieces at a low cost). The furniture will emphasize the size of the space and create a destination. Add pots with plants for more ‘natural’ and homey look and you are set!

Clear out the space
When living in a house, it is inevitable to clutter the space with unnecessary things we probably used once or twice. Go through your house, ceiling to floor and remove all things you don’t need. Once you are done, you’ll see how much more space there is! You’ll probably discover spaces you’ve absolutely forgotten you’ve got! Consult a friend who is interior decorator or someone who just has the eye for this sort of thing and see how you could re-arrange the furniture to give rooms more space. You’d be surprised how well it can look!

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