Jul 15, 2014

Beautiful Designing Secrets to Make Your Home Attractive

Decorating homes in a new style is the most essential thing that one can do if they want to craft their home in an artistic way. Here are some tips that will make you understand the basic fundamentals of interior home décor. These are simple, but effective things that will drastically change your home décor.

Ø  Pile On The Pillow:

People always use standard colors of pillows and place only two on their sofa set. But these are quite old trend. You can try two different patterned pairs of pillows on your sofa set. Various textures will give a catchy look to your living room.

Ø  Keep Calm And Go White:

Many people prefer to have silence and peace at their home. White is the best option for them. It is the conventional regal option for the home decoration. Moreover, you will never get tired of whites. So try it on your home.

Ø  Leave Cupboards Open:

An open cabinet can be a good option for you. Open armoire is highly effective to make your guest interested in your décor. It can be an invitation to your guest to enter into your secret world.

Ø  Bigger Beds Can Be Best:

Small bed makes a bedroom look stapler. That is why you can try big beds if you want to make the room bigger. Try a bed that has a tall headboard and high size. Room will look spacious and you will feel better at your bed.

Ø  Go Dark:

In previous days, people used to think that dark rooms make its appearance smaller to the viewers, but those days are really gone. In recent times, interior experts have proven that dark colors make a small room look bigger. You will surely get the opposite what you think.

Ø  Real Rug:

You can use real rug in spite of using bath mats. Rugs are always effective in providing a regal look to your home décor. Take pleasure with the combination of wet foot and real rug.

Ø  Try Wallpapers:

Wallpaper can be a great option that you can try on your cupboards of walls. You sliding doors of cupboards will look great if you try colorful but balanced wallpapers. Try that goes right with your interior décor.

Ø  Skip The Sofa:

In recent times, there are numerous homes that are small in size. Sofa can be a hazardous option for you so you can skip it for the sake of your interior décor. Because, there is no rule that a living room must have a ‘sofa’.

Ø  Try Tattoos In Your Interior:

It is the new vogue that people do in their interior. You can try a tattoo pattern in your specific part of your wall; let’s say you can do it on the wall adjacent to your bed. It looks great and creates a wild feeling.

These are the latest things that you can try on your home to craft it stunning. So try these and make your family and friends amazed with your interior décor.

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