Jul 5, 2014

How to Get Cheap Flight Tickets

If you're planning a trip, you need to know how to get cheap tickets. No one denies that tickets are one of the biggest posts in every budget traveling, especially if you go to a far destination. It could be that you have to spend lots of money to get a ticket and it may reach up to half of the total cost.

Do you want to know the tricks of looking for cheap tickets? Here are some tricks:

1.Get tickets at the right time.
Most airlines apply lower price for early ticket purchasing. Typically, low price issued three months before the date of departure. So, buy tickets early but also don’t buy for a too long time period such as for holidays next year, unless there is a special promo.

For example, you can save about 20% on flight tickets if you book a ticket to the Netherlands approximately 17 weeks in advance and you can save up to approximately 45% of the cost of flying to Hong Kong if the ticket was booked 19 weeks in advance. According to the website farecompare.com, in general, the airline has 10 different prices for the flight.

2. Subscribe to the email newsletter airline.
To get affordable ticket, you have to buy a ticket promo. The key is to be able to access information when each airline’s ticket promotion has different times.
International airlines such as Qatar Airways promos are often held in January, April and December; while AirAsia promo has no definite timetable. Although there is no timetable promo, promo offers usually persists during certain moments, such as a birthday celebration the airline and so on. The easiest way to know when an airline has a promo is to subscribe to an email newsletter and social media to follow them. With this trick, you will not miss the info promos from your favorite airlines.

3. Taking advantage of ticketing search site.
You can compare prices and choose some appropriate price tickets through search engines like traveloka, Utiket, skycanner, and kayaking because these sites will display the prices of various airlines. But this type of site is more often only include the normal ticket price, not the promo price. Therefore, to get the promo price, you should still subscribe to newsletters of several airlines.

4. Avoid holiday season or peak season.
If at all possible, to get a cheap ticket, don’t travel in peak season times. In Indonesia, the peak season occurs when the long weekend or school holiday season arrives. Peak season can be different in each country. For example, in Australia, the peak season takes place during the summer season: December to January. In Japan, the peak season occurs in April, when the cherry blossoms are blooming. While in European countries, the peak season usually takes place in the summer, from May to the end of August.

5. Depart in the middle of the week.
Based on the data on the site farecompare.com, it mentioned that the lowest price of airline on Wednesday, the highest price on Friday and Sunday, while the average price on Tuesdays and Saturdays. That's why, for you who want to travel cheap, go in the middle of week or on Wednesday.
Night flight

6. Depart early in the morning; go home in the late night.
There is another interesting fact. If an airline has more than 3 trips in a flight schedule, generally the cheapest ticket prices are on two schedules; which are scheduled first flight and the last flight. Prices of most morning tickets and most night tickets are usually cheaper because a lot of people avoid getting up early in the morning to leave for the airport and reluctantly got home at midnight.  While the prices that usually the most expensive ticket are the flight schedule between 8-10 am or 3-6 pm hour.
7.Ticket to a new destination
If an airline flight opens new destinations, and the new route is also a city of your destination, don’t hesitate to try because the airline usually will give discounted price to attract travelers.

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