Jul 17, 2014

Bubble Wrap – The Things It Can Do

We all have come in contact with this protective and resilient packaging must have-the wonderful bubble wrap. This innovative and protective wrapping material is made by locking pockets of air between layers of polyethylene film. The thickness varies and for best quality, one can consider 3”-5”cushioning. This multi-purpose wrapper is used for multiple purposes from shipping, to packaging to storage. The main purpose is creating a protective layer, but there are different things you can do with this versatile material. Functionality is something that is easily available when you use this wrapping wonder.
resilient packaging
The following are some key benefits and uses of this wonder wrapping material.

When you ship goods and delicate, fragile products via ships as exports, you need to ensure that the same stay in good shape and are protected through the long length of journey. While everything is packed finally in containers and cardboard or wooden caskets, the basic fragility is handled by the superior quality of insulation provided by bubble wrap. Additionally, this wrapping provides a double layer of cushioning that helps the product remain in good shape during long haul shipping. Another benefit, is that it provides for good support while transportation via road, ships and air, making it effective and the preferred choice of almost all categories of industries. There are different kinds of thickness available, depending on your specific needs. One generally, finds all electronic goods being shipped with this casing as it is shock-free and very resilient. One finds food grade wraps too, which make great sheath of protection for perishable produce. Whatever, maybe the requirement, you can find the apt dimension to go with it. It provides safety against vibrations, abrasions and is shock-proof; hence it is a wrapper of choice for many industries globally.
One of the best features lies in the fact that it can be used again and repurposed easily. If the wrap is in good condition, one can use it again for shipping purposes, making it an eco-friendly item. Additionally, it makes for a good investment as one can cut down on operational expenses by reusing this wrapping material again. Moreover, the lightweight material does not add undue weight to your packaging, hence has no bearing towards increased freight charges.

This is really a wonder material as it goes beyond just adding protection and packaging. One can use it to fill the gaps between other kinds of packaging like between foam sheets or paper packing. You can also use it to insulate your home or commercial property against heat, in winter around pipes and other things that may freeze, basically against extreme temperatures. It is also used as a tool to prevent pest infestation in attics and other common areas of concern. The versatility of the bubble wrap makes it a popular choice.
Bubble Wrap
In conclusion, whatever is your requirement and kind of product, using bubble wrap to cover it, will keep them safe and secure at all times.

Author Bio - Having spent most of her career in the world of packaging, Rhea is an expert on the various ways one can pack and ship goods using multiple transportation routes. She has worked with bubble wrap and understands its benefits and its potential

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