Jul 5, 2014

Bubble Effect Paint

Painting is an easy thing to do, even by people who don’t have experience in painting. However, is the painting only limited to the standard technique? Of course not. You can try to be creative with using paint with bubble effect.

Painting techniques can be developed that will create a variety of beautiful paint effects. Even so, the techniques presented below will still easily be done by anyone.

For example, whether containers made
​​of clay or walls of a property, you can paint them with the effect of bursting soap bubbles that gives round patterns that looks beautiful.

The materials used are easily available in the market, namely:
-Dyes sandy (a special dye to mix paint)
-Wood glue, paint, shampoo

How to process only requires two steps.
The first step, to create bubble effect paint, you can mix wood glue diluted with water to be approximately able to brush -like wall paint. Then give sandy coloring which color according to your taste and mix with shampoo.

The second step, apply paint to the object to be painted. The wall paint serves as a basic paint. Wait until the basic paint dried, then proceed to apply the paint color that you have prepared earlier. The application of this paint is not brushed as usual, but you should gently pinch the paint on objects that have been given a basic paint before.

The application of this paint is done in a special way, because if brushed as usual, the desired effect can’t be seen.

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