Jul 23, 2014

Air Conditioning Installations made Quick and Easy!

With changing weather and climatic conditions, it is important that the air we breathe and live in is conducive to our bodies and health. In this article we will understand the various types of air conditioning available and the methods of air conditioning installation for each of those types.

Air conditioning is the process of altering the condition of the air or its properties to make it more favourable and redirect it to the space in which it is installed for the purpose of this alteration. These spaces can be our homes or offices, domestic or commercial spaces. The air conditioning companies can sell, install and repair your air conditioning system for optimum performance during different seasons.

Air Conditioning can be used in both summers and winters contrary to the popular belief that air conditioning is only meant to cool, it may also be used to de-humidify or increase the temperature during extreme cold and work as your heater. Air con installation Bondi can be done for various types of units like window units, floor units, wall mounted, central and split air conditioning. All of these units or systems work on the common elements of refrigeration, compression, condensation, expansion and evaporation. The mechanism of expansion happens through a valve and evaporation with the help of a coil. Air con installation Bossley Park can be done through your window or by drilling a hole in your exterior wall. Making use of your window for the purpose of air conditioning is a good idea since it does not occupy a large space and the system can be fitted into one compact box. Portable air conditioners work on the same mechanism as the window air conditioning and come in a compact box which can be placed on the floor to give cool air and discharge the hot air through the exterior wall. These are beneficial for those spaces which are extremely hot and cannot be cooled by central air conditioning. However, these are a bit noisier when compared to other types of units.

A Split or ductless air conditioner is very useful especially in larger spaces like hotels, lounges and apartments. This system breaks the air conditioning into two units with a refrigerant tube connecting both the units through the wall. These days split systems are becoming increasingly popular for home air conditioning. Air con installation Bossley Park can be done for a variety of split systems – single or multiple and high wall, floor console or ceiling mounted. High wall splits are mounted on the walls of the rooms with the condenser located outside whereas floor consoles are installed on floor and against the wall of the room with the condenser located outside. Similarly, a ceiling mounted unit is located on the ceiling with the condenser located outside the room. Air con installation Bondi for a multi split system consists of one outdoor unit connected to more than one indoor unit. This type of air conditioning is helpful for conditioning of multiple rooms.

The best and the most premium cooling system for your house is with central air conditioning which is the most comfortable and least noisy. Before Air con installation Bondi is complete, care must be taken to choose the right size for your home. An oversized system will have problems in dehumidifying. This type of unit comprises of two packages, both connected with a refrigerant tube. The condensing unit is placed outside and has a compressor, fan and coil for condensation, all placed together. Air con installation Bossley Park for a completely ducted system gives you the option of zoning which means you can instruct your conditioner to cool or heat different zones at the same time. It focuses only on areas which are covered in your instructions and thus save cost and energy.

Author’s Bio: The purpose of this article is to help the readers understand various types of air conditioning available and decide on the one which is well suited to their needs. For more Information please visit here: http://www.newedgegroup.com.au

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