Jul 24, 2014

How to Choose the Right Pavers Material

There is more to paving than just simply leaving the space for your pathway, thinking that choosing the right material will come easy. Actually, it doesn’t. You need to take many factors into consideration when choosing that material because a wrong choice can really make some problems on the long run. Some of the factors that you need to think about is whether that path is going to be used frequently, is it going to be just walked upon or driven as well. You need to consider the durability of the material, and, of course, the visual appearance and effect. All those things play important role in choosing the right pavers material. Here are some tips about what to use according to these factors.

Durability and Usage
Think about the ways the paved surface is about to be used. There will be a difference in the choice of the surfaces if you want to walk on it or if you want to drive on it. Marble is OK for walking, but if you drive a couple of times over it, it will definitely look very bad. Stone, concrete, and poured concrete are more durable and they can sustain bigger weights and more frequent usage without the damage being visible.

Marble and pebbles are the easiest in terms of replacing them. You just take the shovel, dig the old and pour down the new. However, there can be some weeding involved because grass and different sorts of weeds can start finding their way through the marbles and pebbles. Stones will also need some maintenance that can be left to the professionals and the poured concrete will take a lot of care because it is prone to cracks that really ruin it. Therefore, it seems that the stone in any form is your best choice in terms of maintenance and durability.

Visual Factor
This is entirely up to you and up to your esthetic preferences. Marble and pebbles are nice to look at. They even produce that lovely sound while you thread on it. They blend in the natural environment easily. Then there is the poured concrete that may seem neutral and it will rarely be chosen because of the esthetics, especially because it cracks easily. It can be replaced by stamped or colored concrete, but it needs some more maintenance. Terracotta is a great choice as it blends in perfectly and has a certain charm. Of course, all sorts of natural stone look really amazing. The fact that all the bricks and pieces are slightly different as they come from different parts of the stone only add to the pavement esthetically.

The last, but not the least is the availability of your chosen paving material. You really need to make sure that you have all the prices and that you have carefully calculated the expenses. Your pathway needs to be perfect, but sometimes, it is best to use local businesses and make some compromises on the quality and design because the costs of delivery may just ruin the moment for you. Therefore, be very careful when you calculate the price, because installation and delivery may just as well influence the price greatly.

You will hardly go wrong with choosing your new pavers if you take all these things into consideration. You just need to make sure that all the factors are thought through and that you are thinking about the material you want to use in more terms than just – it looks good. With all that, you can hardly make any mistakes.

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