Jun 21, 2016

Wet Celebration: Party Ideas for the Rainy Season

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June is known as the start of classes, wedding month or the rainy season. There are a lot of beginnings during this month so why not have a celebration and consider getting a corporate catering in Manila? Even though it’s the rainy season, you can still celebrate in other ways if you’re bummed because of the rain outdoors. So here are some helpful tips for the rainy season for a “wet celebration.”
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Some people just don’t like going out when it rains, so they choose to stay indoors. But how about when you decided to have a party on that rainy day (with weather prediction saying that it will rain the entire day) and you just don’t want to cancel? Here are some suggestions where you can still celebrate indoors.

1.   House/condo
Partying in the house or condo isn’t as bad as it seems, It’s actually fun! You get to have good company and still feel comfortable because not only would your stay be free, you can feel at home as well. Staying indoors is going to be a chill party for you and your friends. Rest assured that you won’t get wet because of the rain. If the rains aren’t that strong, you can just order for a delivery in the restaurants you want.

2.   Club/bar
If you originally planned to have a celebration in a bar, you may have to think twice about this one. The rain is unpredictable when it will stop, so celebrating in a bar may be an ambiguous party for you. Aside from this, if you want to continue your party here, and the venue allows it, celebrate under the rain by having a good time to dance out even if you get wet by the rain. Just make sure that you take a shower once you get home so you can try to avoid getting sick!

3.   Restaurant
This might probably be the chanciest venue to celebrate a party if you plan to stay long. However, if you only plan to go here to eat for your celebration and then leave afterwards, it might be a good choice. Order a huge portion of food for your guests so you can chomp on good food and enjoy with good company.

They said, “If you can’t beat them, join them!” Sometimes, when the rain pours, it pours hard. So if the rain won’t stop and you luckily decided to celebrate it outdoors, you have a huge chance that you can enjoy your party like celebrating in Luxury Condominiums in Cebu!

1.   Resort
Celebrating in resorts is highly popular for most Filipinos. You can just rent an overnight or daytrip in a resort with your guests and bring food with you, and voila, a party! If it rains, you don’t need to worry that much because resorts usually have pools in them so you can swim and have fun under the rain.

2.   Pool
Pools are the essential party tool during rainy seasons. You don’t need to worry about getting wet, because you can just get soaked in the water! Anyone can easily have fun under the rain if they’re on the pool. So this is highly the best way to have a great wet celebration for your party.

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