Jun 21, 2016

How To Make Space For A Meditation Area

In the highly hectic society in the West, an increasing number of people are now turning to meditation practices and age old Eastern methods of contemplation to ease out the cares and stress of daily life. Meditation offers a huge list of emotional and physical benefits in addition to reducing stress factors. This is why it is important to dedicate some room or space for meditative techniques. Ideally, a quiet place dedicated only to meditation should fairly help in calming one’s state of mind while you are in the process of uncluttering and clearing your mental space. The meditation room should be sacrosanct and surrounded by silence as well as being open and clean so that you would want to take refuge in it rather than it causing you stress, each time you see it.
A few specific areas need to be addressed when planning a meditation room. How do you plan to meditate and where do you prefer to be in silence is an important factor. Would you be comfortable on a chair or be seated on the floor? Would you want to kneel, based on how you would like to meditate in your practice? No matter your preference, you need to ensure that you have a comfortable space to do it all.

If you intend to spend most of your time on the ground, arrange for comfortable cushions or a soft mattress that can help in supporting your stance. If you plan on sitting or kneeling, ensure that you have the right chair or a small bench to use.
One important furniture piece you need in a meditation room is the prayer table. A prayer table becomes the focal point of a meditation room as it contains the necessary and important elements required to help you concentrate while meditating. This space could be an altar of sorts, with photographs of deities, inspirational messages or just a group of candles. By making the prayer table the focal point of your room, it can help you to stay focused.

Decorating any room in the house is always the fun part, but you definitely do not want to clutter up your meditation room with all kinds of souvenirs or paintings. Surround yourself with only the meaningful items that matter to you that can prevent you from being distracted while meditating. Light and relaxing colours work best in meditation rooms, especially greens and blues; do not opt for bright orange or red colours as they can be too agitated or stimulating.
Candles offer natural right and hence are favourite items in most meditation rooms due to the great ambience they provide.

Certain objects that belong to a higher authority are commonly seen in meditation spaces that are useful in bringing in feelings of peace and calmness. These are usually in the form of statutes, photographs and paintings-- anything that is evocative of a grounded and positive feeling. Some meditation spaces also include dream boards that people create in order to meditate on certain aspects and would want to envision them in their lives. A dreamboard could be a large piece of poster board or chart paper with pictures, images or drawings that are reminiscent of one's deepest desires and goals. It is believed that if such boards meditated upon, they will come to you in some form or the other.

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