Jun 24, 2016

Healthy Things To Do This Rainy Season

Summer is over and the rainy days are here for us in the tropical country of the Philippines.  The Philippines is home to sunny days and beautiful beaches thanks to its geographical location along the Pacific Ring of Fire.  However, the country's location also lends itself to monsoon rains and showers that start in June and extends all the way to September.  These months are usually find yourself reaching for that medicine for cough and cold because of the flu that you've unwittingly caught.  Don't worry, you're hardly alone in this.  Everybody is vulnerable to the flu especially those in Elderly Care Services in Chicago during the rainy season.  The rainy season can still be a healthy experience.  Here are some healthy tips for your mind and body to help you through the cold, rainy weather.
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Yoga is a Hindu discipline rooted in the science of the body and mind.  It is a widely practiced discipline that allows you to relax your body and mind while at the same time control your bodily functions.  The poses in yoga disciplines are paired with breath control and simple meditation that allows you to train your body and your mind.  Yoga can be practiced with a group or individually.  It can be learned through books or through an instructor.  If you've decided to stay in instead of going to a local yoga class, there are plenty of videos on the internet that will help you out with the basics of the ancient spiritual science.


If you're one of those creative types that enjoy the Arts, why not take the time during the rainy season to enhance your talent?  Rainy days are perfect for you to colour, draw, or paint your heart away.  The rainy season is also an opportunity for you to learn a new skill or medium.  You can even try learning a new instrument.  If you're a musical person, then rainy days can be the perfect opportunity to get your musician friends together and just hang out and jam. Chances are a song or a melody will spring up that will inspire you to write songs or sing out.
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Regular days when the sun is out can take your mind off the piling dust in your room.  There are days or weeks that the opportunity for you to go out and spend the day out of your home is just too enticing to pass up.  Take the opportunity for staying indoors to clean out your closet, fix your room, or do some decorating.  A healthy and clean home will surely leave you feeling accomplished and satisfied.


Do you have one of those recipes you saw online that you've been wanting to try?  Rainy days are the perfect opportunity for you to hone your cooking skills.  Try a new pasta recipe, bake a cake, or make something for your family.  Rainy days spent indoors mean you have more time to concentrate on your task, surely making your dish much more tantalizing.
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Rainy days are bed weather.  While you can do a lot of productive things when the rains come, it also presents you with the perfect timing for you to chill out and lounge around the house.  Relax, read a book, or watch movies.  De-stress yourself by taking a luxurious spa day.  You can also spend a little more time soaking in the tub.  Maybe you would want to relax by watching a bunch of movies or catch up on the latest season of your favourite series.  The goal is to relax and remove your stress and you can accomplish that by doing practically nothing during rainy days.

There are plenty of ways for you to keep a healthy lifestyle.  A rainy day shouldn't stop you from accomplishing something or learning a new skill.  Medicine for cough and cold are staple items for your home especially during the rainy season.  But don't let a little rain dampen your spirits.  Try something new, accomplish a task, or relax.  Rainy days can still end productively.

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