Jun 28, 2016

Satisfying Your Appetite: Rainy Weather Cravings

A vacation house for sale in Tagaytay is one of the best places to spend a nice, quiet weekend with your family or by yourself. Tagaytay is host to a lot of tourist spots, cool weather and lush flora and fauna, making your vacation memorable. Recently, though, the rainy season is rapidly approaching but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your vacation house. Because one of the best ways to overcome your rainy day blues is to…eat.

Nothing can compare to the comforting ability of food. No matter what the event is, may we be celebrating or simply relaxing after a long day at work. We can’t deny the soothing powers of a piping hot meal, which is always doubled when it’s raining. Whip up the following recipes that can warm up both your heart and tummy:
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1. Chicken and Dumplings Soup
This generous serving of soup with meat and vegetables is hearty enough to be a full meal. Chicken soup has always been one of the favorite comfort food classics but add some dumplings in and you’ve just upgraded this meal from A to A+.
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2. Sukiyaki
Everyone must’ve heard of ramen but have you ever tried sukiyaki before? Sukiyaki is a popular Japanese one-pot meal that consists of thinly sliced beef, glass noodles, carrots, mushrooms, and tofu. The dish is then topped with raw egg and a sweet, flavorful broth. With a diversity of flavors in one simmering bowl, every bite is guaranteed to be heavenly.
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3. Suman (aka Rice Cake)
Who can forget this rice cake wrapped tightly in leaves? Filipinos have been making this kakaninsince the pre-colonial times as offering to the gods. Pair this up with some sugar or latik, which is a syrupy, caramelized coconut cream mainly used as dessert sauce. Or, you can whip up some hot chocolate before getting your favorite snuggly blanket. Yes, it’s bliss.
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4. Ginataang Mais( Sweet corn Kernels in Coconut Milk)
If you are a big fan of ginataang halo-halo, why not try ginataang mais? Made from whole kernel corn and coconut milk, this decadent dish is considered as a comfort food by many Filipinos. This dessert is similar to Maja Blanca but its texture is the same as goto or arrozcaldo. You can enjoy ginataang mais as a breakfast or as an afternoon snack. Enjoy it as it is or add a dash of coconut milk on top for an extra flavor.
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5. Champorado
Nothing can beat this bowl of ultimate chocolate goodness. This rice porridge is made from glutinous rice (or malagkitin the local dialect) and cocoa powder. There are people who use tablea in the place of cocoa powder. Don’t forget to fry up a couple of this dish’s famous partner: tuyo.

A hot, delicious meal after a hard day at school or work is probably one of the best things that can happen to you during a rainy day. Eating is one of the ideal ways to relax and enjoy the rest of your day. So head over to your kitchen and start cooking right now!

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Sue Reyes is a former writer for CNN Philippines and Aspiring Fashion Blogger
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