Jun 6, 2016

Save Yourself from Regret and Avoid Using Cheap Carpet Cleaning Services

Getting the services of professional carpet cleaners is the simplest and most reliable method of cleaning your carpets at home. Doing the cleaning yourself is risky, since not all dirt and grime can be removed by the simple cleaning methods that we know. In fact, we might do more damage to our precious carpets if we do so. Since hiring someone else to do the cleaning is a bit costly, we are tempted most of the time to hire those who offer the cheapest rates. We strongly advise you to stay away from companies that offer this kind of services. You may end up spending more than what you have planned for! Here are the reasons why:


1.   Some companies offer you cheap carpet cleaning services at first, but will trick you once you get to hire them.
This is a common scenario especially when you do your inquiries via phone call. They will entice you with a very low price in order for you to hire them immediately. Once they get to your place, they will pressure you into upgrading the service to a very expensive one.

2.   The cheap carpet cleaning services that you are paying for may be for single process cleaning only.
Some companies tend to take advantage of the lack of technical expertise of customers when it comes to carpet cleaning. Cheap carpet cleaning services are usually single-process only which means that there is little or no chemical work involved. The quality of work is way below the standard dual process wherein steps such as shampooing, heavy preconditioning and hot water extraction cleaning is usually done.

3.   Cheap carpet cleaning services usually entail cheap equipment or substandard staff.
We all know that when a company offers something at a low price, they have to adjust their expenses or else they will not gain any profit. This may involve using cheap equipment or personnel that did not acquire proper hands-on training to handle carpets the right way. Carpet cleaning is a craft. Do not let some stranger to walk into your house and make your carpet part of their training for their job. Chances are high that your carpet will not be cleaned thoroughly and just might end up getting damaged.

Cheap carpet cleaning services may be attractive, but believe us when we tell you that you will save more if you get a reliable company to do so. Take great care of your carpet and set your standards very high!

Written by Eric Sappington, owner of Sappington’s Carpet Care, the leading company for carpet cleaning in Columbia, MO.

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