Jun 21, 2016

How to Prepare Your Child as A New Student

Preparing your child as a new student after enrolling them in the best international school in the Philippines or in Architecture University in Manila, requires you to do numerous efforts to prepare them but will certainly do good for their academic performance. So, how exactly can you help in preparing them as a new student? Here are few tips on how to do so.

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Encourage them

Do this by keeping their enthusiasm high in such a way that you let them know that going to school is important and fun that they get to meet new people, gain new knowledge, go somewhere new, eat new food, and become a new student all in all will most likely result into a great experience in their lives.

No fear

Some fear going to a new school or becoming a new student because they have to start from zero again. Remind your child that there’s no need to worry or be scared just because they don’t need to be. Fear creates images in our mind that might ruin the situation by becoming terrified when there’s no need to be, thus, resulting to refraining from doing this, going there, and talking to whom. Keep their guards up and try to remove their fear in letting them know that everything is going to be okay.

All ears

Make time to listen to your child’s stories like rants and insights about their day in school. Doing this will make them feel comfortable with you, as parents, in sharing their experiences towards you. Never neglect listening to them as this enables them to share their daily happenings in school.

Talk to them, too

Even if you have tons of work, businesses, or errands to do, never forget to talk to them as well. When they ask questions, answer them with the best answer you could give. When they’re having trouble, give them a great advice to boost their morale. When they just want to feel loved from their parents, caress them and let them know that they’re so special to you.

“Expect the worst”

Teaching them this tip may be good or may be bad. But it’s important to see the world in a real sense how it’s not always rainbows and butterflies in our mundane lives. Being real teaches them to keep themselves prepared for anything that might happen to them. You just have to ensure that everything’s going to be okay even if the worst might happen.

Hopefully, this article helped you as your children’s parent to enlighten your child as they become a new student in a different school. Enrolling them in the best international school in the Philippines might be a great choice because international schools have a wide range of cultures, so going to one most probably might be one of the best options due to an “open-minded” culture. Decide well and treat them well, hoping for all the best for your child’s future.

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