Jun 6, 2016

Safety Guidelines When Using Manlifts

From skyscrapers to theatre, Manlifts have made things that we thought impossible, possible. We literally reached new heights in construction, rescue and stage design. You can look at one and not think about the difficulty of operating one. After all, you’ve had practice with navigation and button operation with your videogames, right? Well, it’s far from the case. And even if you did get a virtual certification inside your game, the real world has a different set of guidelines for this large set of equipment. Here are just a few of them.

Just like certifications for certain jobs like being a licensed gym instructor, manlifts also have a set of trainings for operators to ensure that everyone around the manlift is safe and that the manlift itself is not stretched within its limits. Proper handling of these types of equipment is vital so as to ensure that property standards set by the industry and by the area of construction or production are enforced.


While operating a heavy set of equipment is vital, you must also make sure that the equipment you will be using is reliable and stable. Most accidents don’t happen because people don’t know what they’re doing; they happen because the equipment is faulty. Anyone is prone to having an accident. Trained professionals are not an exemption to that.


Even though training and equipment is important in managing manlifts and securing our safety and the safety of people around us, we can take additional steps to avoid any form of harm. Gearing up is one of the best things you can do when you’ll be standing more than six feet above the ground. Putting a harness will greatly increase your chances for survival if accidents are inevitable in your workspace.


Most manlifts are stamped with maximum weight limits. This is for a good reason. Equipment, like humans, cannot handle more than they are capable of. If you try and carry more than the weight limit, you risk damaging the manlifts and you risk your safety too. Also make sure that you have a good estimate of area usage within the manlift. You wouldn’t want to risk hitting someone’s sandwich below with a wrench or hammer, would you?

These are just some factors affecting safety in the workspace when you use a manlift, but there are plenty of other things you can do to avoid unfortunate incidences. Always remember that you can never be too prepared.

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