Jun 24, 2016

3 Refrigerated Desserts Your Family Can Enjoy

The best thing about having one of the many affordable kitchen appliances in the Philippines is being able to create things that make people happy – food. Being able to make tasty treats is the hallmark of cooking and baking even in the pantry of some accounting jobs in Myanmar. There’s no better feeling than making other people happy with the power of a good meal, or two.


The best thing about progress is making seemingly impossible things become reality even at a slow pace. Popcorn machines in the past used to be extremely expensive to produce because they were bulky, consumed a lot of power and handling them required a certain amount of technical know-how. Because technology has advanced to the level that it is at today, storing and creating food and other perishable materials has never been easier.

The thing about progress is that it isn’t instantaneous and even the most shocking breakthroughs are made either by accident or through years of trial and error. That’s not to say that humans have yet to perfect household appliances; on the contrary, it is safe to say that people have at least mastered the foundation on which they have built appliances upon – affordable, convenient and user-friendly.


The value of food lies in its ability to both satisfy physical and emotional needs. The human body has a lot of needs and nutrition is at the peak of human desires. Being able to create food is actually an inherent skill in that some people were born with the aptitude for cooking and some aren’t.

In the past, the mere act of preserving the ingredients to make food was an almost incredulous task because preservation was either through salting or smoking. Before the advent of technology, food expired in transit which prompted rampant cases of hunger. Food is a fuel for people and people cannot be productive if they are constantly hungry. It can therefore be said that in order for people to be productive, they have to be fed.

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The crème de la crème of food, desserts are usually sweets that serve to relax the palate and the stomach after a full course meal. Before the advent of the refrigerator, desserts were almost exclusively food for the rich. It wasn’t until the advent of the 19th century that desserts became a common thing to have in most households after dinner. Here are some examples of refrigerated desserts that are both easily made, and convenient to keep the fridge:

1.   Caramel Custard – One of the most basic desserts to make, caramel custard is an almost gelatinous concoction of sugar, custard and eggs.  It is extremely smooth and is best served cold.
2.   Fridge Cake – One of the “easy bake” desserts, the fridge cake doesn’t even need to be baked. All it needs is some careful preparation and some time to chill in the fridge and voila, it’s done.
3.   Cherry Cheesecake – The cherry at the top, no puns intended, the cherry cheesecake is the epitome of “fridge” cakes. It is extremely delicious and preparation is really easy. Sporting the classy and traditional smoothness of cheesecakes, the cherry cheesecake is a no-bake, easy preparation type of dessert that is sure to wow everyone who tastes it.

There are many more desserts that can be listed here but at the end of the day, preparing and storing ingredients require some investment in terms of home appliances such as refrigerators and food processors.

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