Jun 8, 2016

Shifting to a New Home? Follow These Tips to Revive Your Houseplants

Including indoor plants are one of the best ways to do the decor of a house and these can simply liven up the rooms with their presence. The fresh green leaves and the tiny colourful petals of the flowers in a houseplant give immense joy to the heart of the dwellers after a busy day outside. You must also have a few of your favourite houseplants in your house that you just love to take care of. And if you are going to move into your new home soon, you need to know some tricks to keep them alive and fresh even after the shift! 

  • Re-pot the Plants: Once you have finally settled down in your new home, you need to think about settling down your houseplants too. Hence, the very first thing you need to do is transfer them all into fresh pots with fresh soils. Also, ensure that the new pots are a bit bigger than the old ones. This will help the plant roots to grow further.
  • Feed them Well: Potting mixes are easily available in the nurseries and you need to buy the good ones for your plants. Remember, plants need food too apart from water. You can also try different fertilisers which will help your tiny plants to grow in size. Don’t forget to do some research beforehand in order to buy the best quality potting mix.
  •  Slowly Expose them to the Sunlight: Your plants might have weakened in the process of shifting and you might think that exposing them directly to the sun can solve the problem. However, it’s not true. You need to do this slowly as abrupt sunlight can harm the plants totally. Put the plants strategically in a place where they can get the sunlight indirectly.
  • Avoid Overwatering: One of the most common mistakes the gardeners make is overwatering the plants thinking that they will grow and flourish faster. This can, on the other hand, drown the nourishment off the leaves and roots of the plants. So, you should avoid overwatering them.
  • Get Rid of Pests: Naturally while being busy in the process of shifting you might have forgotten to even look at your houseplants properly. And in your absence, the plants might have attracted a lot of bugs and pests! So, once you have settled down in your new home, check for these pests and treat the plants with a good pesticide.

Anyone who owns houseplants would believe that there can be nothing more depressing than seeing them shrink, die or turn brown. No matter how much a person is excited to shift in one of the skywalk apartments in Kolkata or in some other flat in the city, nothing can make up for the loss of your houseplants which you had bought to nurture for years to come. But following these above-mentioned tips can help. Give it a try! 

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