Jun 29, 2016

Essential Things You May Need To Know Before Building A Deck

Many home owners often prefer building a deck on the outdoor over a patio. A deck can enhance the appearance of a house and also provide a relaxing space.

Considerations involved in deck building
Before starting the work of building a deck, homeowners are advised to consider the following factors, which play an important role.

·         Purpose of the deck
Home owners may consider building a deck for variety of reasons. These reasons may range from creating an entertainment or dining space, guarding the privacy of the home or for creating a patio garden. The design of the deck may vary according to the purpose of use.

·         Location of the deck
The first step in building a deck is to ascertain its location. For smaller properties, decks may be built only on the lone available spot. Larger properties may provide a number of locations to choose from. The location of the deck may also depend on privacy requirements and the exposure of the spot to various weather conditions.

·         Budget
It is important to arrive at a cost estimate before building a deck. Deck building may involve various types of expenses which may depend on the following factors:

  • The deck size.
  • The complexity and intricacy of design.
  • Lumbering cost.
  • Fee charged by the contractor.
  • Cost of extra features like railings, flowerboxes and built in seating.

Choice of building the deck yourself or hiring a contractor
Freestanding platform basic decks are easy to build provided you possess the necessary carpentry skills. Multi level and intricately designed decks may require certain engineering skills. In such situations, it is advisable to hire the services of a contractor for the job. You can log on to http://utah-decks.com/ to get quotes for deck building.

Choice of decking materials
Nowadays, a variety of decking materials are available. These include various types of weather resistant woods, pressure treated woods, hardwoods, composite decking materials or other alternatives. You may choose a material according to your requirement and budget.

Deck design and shape
The design and shape of the deck depends on the house design. An appropriate design and shape of the deck can be arrived at after considering the architecture and structure of the house.

Additional features
A deck may or may not include extra features like privacy fencing, roofs and railings. Decks may also be incorporated with built in benches and accessories like outdoor and patio furniture. Another option is to build storage decks which provide shelves and closets. The choice of additional features may depend on the budget and the available space.

Building a deck may often require approval from the local authorities. It is advisable to secure approvals in order to avoid future trouble.

Deck lighting
Building a deck may also require the services of an electrician to provide connections or installing lights on the deck. Depending upon the budget, designer, LED or general lights may be chosen.

A deck can offer a high degree of functionality if built properly. It is hence important to consider certain essential factors before deciding on the design, shape, materials and additional features of the deck.

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