Jun 29, 2016

How to Choose Bathroom Fixtures

Several decades ago, bathroom fixture designers didn’t have much to do as they used to come in a couple of styles, colors and materials. This means that buyers usually didn’t have to think hard when equipping their bathroom with fixtures. Today, they come in a multitude of styles, and you can find a wide variety of fixtures that will match your bathroom décor perfectly. However, too many choices can cause a real headache, especially when doing the complete bathroom overhaul. They are the “crown jewels” of every bathroom so select your fixtures wisely. They range from luxurious to budget-friendly so let’s see some tips on how to choose bathroom fixtures that will suit both your style and budget.  


Replacing the old bathtub and sink or not?
Before choosing the suitable faucets, have a look at the condition of your sink and bathtub - you need to decide whether you’ll replace them along with the other fixtures.  If yes, you’ll need to decide which features they’ll have and consider the size and the style of the bathroom first. The choice of fixtures heavily depends on the sink, bathtub and shower. If you want to do a complete bathroom renovation, make sure that you choose major items such as bath carefully – smaller fixtures are much easier to replace. You should have a look at numerous pre-matched ideas to find out what fixtures would look best on your sinks and bathtub.

Set the maximum budget
Before setting out to do some serious shopping, know your budget. I already mentioned that fixtures go from extremely pricey to low-budget. Don’t think that less expensive fixtures necessarily mean bad quality – you can find elegant plumbing fixtures of decent quality that will match the rest of your bathroom at relatively low prices. Look at the prices and try to decide on the whole fixture set before actually making a purchase – this will help you to stay within your budget limits. If on a tight budget, look for wholesale deals or find “damaged” fixtures sold at discount prices. These are fixtures with minor, often invisible imperfections.

Make a decision on the style
Most people will put aesthetics before functionality and this is crucial in most purchases. This is not such an easy task as it may seem: color, shape, type of handles, single/dual lever, hands-free options… there are lots of things to consider. With all possible colors and designs, making a choice is truly a challenge. Before you even start looking for suitable fixtures, think about your bathroom decoration style. Is it vintage, minimalist, ultra-modern, traditional or rustic? Heavily decorated bathrooms need equally ornate fixtures. Minimalist style is usually associated with chrome and nickel, and if you want a delicate look – bronze finish is a good choice. Your lifestyle is an important factor as well – if you have children or many occupants, stay away from sensitive finishes (such as previously mentioned bronze).

Choosing a faucet
There are many types of fixtures, but faucets are the highlight of every bathroom. If you already have a sink, make sure that faucet matches the hole openings. The most common type of sink is the one with three holes. Depending on the type of the sink, you can choose a single-hole faucet, widespread mount, or center-set that matches a three-hole sink. Single-handle faucets are the best choice in most cases as they have a plate that hides the extra holes. Make sure that the style and finish match the other fixtures such as towel bars and robe hooks – these small details won’t go unnoticed. We recommend a combination of single level/ceramic valve faucets (because of their durability) and a metal pop up instead of knobs.

How to choose a perfect finish
A finish is the surface of the exterior parts of the fixture that gives it its color. There are numerous finishes to choose from that not only give fixtures different colors, but they are of the different durability as well. The basic and most common finish types are nickel, chrome and brass, but a bit more luxurious options can be found on the market, such as oil rubbed bronze or satin gold. PVD finish is one of the most quality and durable ones as it’s almost fully scratch resistant. Various finishes can have PVD characteristics (so you can choose any color you like: steel, nickel, brass and so on). Make sure that you choose plated surfaces: chrome is often applied over faucets to protect them from corrosion. 

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