Jun 24, 2016

Stellar Weekend Getaways Near Pune

Pune has always been the choice of people when it comes to spend some time near nature. From the magnificent environs of Panhala Fort to the natural wonder of Igatpuri, Pune has so many things to witness that makes it ideal destination for all the nature lovers. If you stay in Bangalore and are fed up of pub culture then Pune is the best pace for you. Just book your Bangalore to Pune flights Indigo so as to get best offers online. Here are some of the best weekend getaways from Pune that will please every nature lover.

1.  Kolad: Around 144 km from Pune, this excellent village is enhanced by the captivating magnificence of the Kundalika River and lavish green viewpoint. Despite the fact that the town don't pull in a considerable measure of normal holidayers, it has all the earmarks of being a standout amongst the most looked for after villas for the adventure addicts. As the sputtering Kundalika River advances along this town, it makes Kolad a perfect destination to enjoy captivating adventure like whitewater rafting, rappelling, waterfall kayaking and a few others. Other than this, this interesting village likewise makes for a salubrious destination for the nature lovers or alike.
Panhala Fort
2.  Panhala Fort: Located on a slope in the town of Panhala, the fortress disregards a go in the Sahyadri mountain range. Remaining at a tallness of 3177 feet, this fortress close to the significant city of Kolhapur is in really great condition and can be gone to see the different structures inside it. A shrouded very much called the Andhar Bavadi, storage facilities called Ambarkhana and Dharma Kothi, a review structure called Sajja Kothi and the entryways or Teen Darwaza are a portion of the structures one can find in the post zone. There are a few sanctuaries and tombs remaining inside Panhala as well.
3.  Igatpuri: Concealed far from the typical crowd, Igatpuri in the Nashik region of Maharashtra is known for a few reasons. Situated around 130km from Mumbai and just 45km from Nashik, this picturesque slope station is additionally the home to antiquated meditation system called 'Vipassana'. Despite the fact that a minor sloping retreat, Igatpuri gloats of its varied alternatives for the travelers. Beginning from recreation occasions to touring and social to recorded visits, this slope station offers many appealing choices to its guests.

4.  Mhaismal: Remaining at an elevation of 1067 meters, Mhaismal is a lovely slope station 40km from Aurangabad. It achieves a lavish green tone amid the storms and after that it is gone by numerous vacationers. Goddess Girija sanctuary, Balaji sanctuary and Grishneshwar sanctuary are the religious structures situated in the zone. While in transit to Mhaismal from Aurangabad, one can stopover at the Ellora Caves and Devgiri Fort. Ellora caverns are unearthed in the Charanandri Hills where Buddhist, Hindu and Jain sanctuaries and tombs were established.
5.  Ratnagiri: The port city of Ratnagiri is bound by the Sahyadris on its East. Home of the celebrated Alphonso mangoes, this weekend getaway from Pune has a few authentic landmarks to visit also. Anjarle Beach, Ganapatipule Beach and Guhagar Beach are arranged in close closeness to the city. Bhagwati Fort, or Ratnadurg, is based on top a slope on the ocean shore and is encompassed by water on three sides. Thiba royal residence worked for the banished ruler of Burma has the tombs of the regal couple. There are many sanctuaries and sepulchers in and around the spot too.

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