Jun 18, 2016

Home Improvement Tips that Enable You to Save Money After Buying a Home in Croatia

Home improvement provides a good alternative to purchasing a new house for those who want to save money when buying houses in Croatia. There are many old properties in Croatia which are unused or vacant and they are located at ideal places like the larger coastal cities and close to the sea. Although some of these properties might not appeal to you at first sight, they are built on very strong foundations and they provide spectacular views. There are also modern and luxury apartments, houses and villas for rent in Croatia. This vast collection of houses in Croatia has changed how people perceive Croatian property market.
Croatian property market

For years, Croatian house market has not been good due to the Eurozone crisis and the global financial crisis which hit the tourism-oriented economy of this country in the recent past. However, despite the fall in house prices the Croatia real estate industry is improving and the house market is recovering as the economy improves. In 2015, new dwellings for instance were sold at an average price of HRK10, 688 (€1,420.60) for every square metre. This price marked an increase of 1.6% from the previous year’s price. In Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, the average price for a square metre of a new dwelling was HRK11, 797 (€1,568) and HRK9, 617 (€1,278) in other settlements.

Inexpensive ways of acquiring a house in Croatia

If you want to acquire a good house in Croatia at a relatively inexpensive price, consider buying and renovating an unused or vacant house. Home improvement enables you to invest in a property and capitalize on its resale value.

Here are tips to guide you while improving your home:

Upgrade the kitchen

Kitchen is among the most important parts of any home and a major selling point of a house. Among the improvements that you can make to the kitchen include pre-treating cabinet doors, fabrics addition, using cloth skirts to conceal unattractive cabinets and accenting colour for distinction and boldness. You can also upgrade appliances and cupboard doors as well as handles.
Picture from www.flickr.com by Seward Construction CO
Clean or replace flooring

The flooring of any home tells its story of wear and tear. You can improve the overall freshness of your home by having tile floors and carpets cleaned professionally. However, if the flooring of the home has an expired shelf life, your best bet might be to replace it. However, professional cleaning and re-sanded floorboards provide possibilities of painting, resealing or staining floorboards for an updated and clean look.


Among the most inexpensive home improvements that you can do is indulging the interior walls of your home with a classic, neutral colour. This home improvement task will create an incredible impression. However, you should evaluate the door and window frames as well as the skirting boards to find out whether you can just clean scrub them.
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Plants, shrubs and garden decorations create a unique appeal for a home. Therefore, show some love to the landscaping of your home to improve the overall appeal of your home.

Generally, you must be ready to do extensive repair tasks in addition to overall home improvement, exterior remodelling, extensions and additional floors among other things that you envision as a new home owner. Nevertheless, you can save money by buying an old house in Croatia and transforming it into your dream home by following these home improvement tips.

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