Dec 19, 2013

Where Is the Best Place to Install An Air Conditioner in Your House?

When you are going through new construction and determining how best to fit everything into the home, an air conditioner can be a bit of a bother. There are so many places you could put one, but which spot is the best for your new home? A new air conditioning installation has to be considered thoughtfully so that you can maximize the unit itself and keep it from disturbing everyone in the house.


Some air conditioners can be skillfully placed inside the house in spots that will not really bother anyone. The crawl space or utility closet where your water heater and furnace are located is a great spot for an air conditioning unit. However, if you tend to run it a lot, the noise might be a little too much for you inside the house. You could also move it to the attic so that it simply hums from above when you turn it on. However, this style of installation can be troublesome depending on the construction of the home and you have to be mindful of that.


Many an air conditioning unit is located outside the home, but there are many choices once you actually get outside that you have to be careful about placement. Most people don't want their air conditioning unit n their front yard or by the front door unless it can be adorned with greenery or shrubs. However, that's not always the best idea because you don't want the fan clogged up with leaves. Unless you can do a stable decoration around your unit, it's best to move to the sides and back of the house.

In the back of the home, it's easier to decorate the backyard around the unit and ensure that it fits in with the landscape. There are some homes where the backyard is simply not conducive to being home to an air conditioning unit. It may be filled with trees, covered in vines, or simply too small.
Going along the side of the house, you can find a small nook where the unit will fit, and the house will protect the unit from weather events about half of the time. The side of the home is usually the place people see the least, and you can keep the unit hidden while it cools your home.
Finding the best place to put your new air conditioning unit is tough, but there are demands on a new air conditioning installation that must be met. Ensure you have chosen the spot that works best for your family, that keeps your unit protected, and that does not make the unit look gaudy when it is has been installed. You deserve to have a cool and good-looking home with new air conditioning.
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