Dec 13, 2013

What Homeowners Ought to Know Before Purchasing Fujitsu Heat Pumps

Thinking of purchasing a heat pump for your home? Whether you are purchasing one for your new home or you are considering upgrading your current one, it is best to understand that purchasing Fujitsu heat pumps or heat pumps from any other brand can be considered a major investment towards your property. As such, it is important to understand how a heat pump works and what features are beneficial to you.

Heat pumps work pretty much like refrigerators, utilising two coils: one for indoors and another for outdoors. Using these coils, heat pumps simply transfer the heat from outside into a home. Heat pumps are preferred by many homeowners who do not use heating elements. Additionally, they can also be used as an air conditioner especially during the hot summer months.

Why heat pumps? Although there are other types of heating which can be selected, heat pumps offer several unique advantages over their other counterparts. First, heat pumps can double as a filter, keeping dust, pollens and other harmful particles in the air out of your home. Second, the air blown in by heat pumps is not as stuffy as that blown by other heating systems. When used as an air conditioning unit, heat pumps can lower humidity through the removal of excess moisture in a room. Finally, heat pumps are much safer to use because there are no hot surfaces, pilot flames, fuel burners or gas tanks involved.

There are five varieties of heat pumps to choose from: high wall systems, floor console systems, cassette systems, ducted systems and multi systems. In terms of cost and energy efficiency, high wall systems are much preferred. These heat pumps are mounted on walls. Floor console systems, on the other hand, come in two types: those which blow hot air from the top and those that heat both the top and the floor. Cassette systems are installed on ceilings with a thin fascia exposed. Just like cassette systems, ducted systems are installed on ceilings; they, however, remain completely hidden. Multi systems are composed of several varieties of indoor units and one outdoor unit.

The best way to choose the type of heat pump system that is right for your home is to get the advice of a company specialising in heat pump installation, heat pump service and hot water heat pumps. Because of their experience in working with various models and systems as well as different types of properties, they can give the best suggestion as to which system will work best to fulfill your unique needs.

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