Dec 24, 2013

Different Types of Showers

Other than the standard shower head in a bathtub or separate standing shower, there a variety of other options to choose from. It is a good idea to examine all of the different types of showers and decide which option is best for you and your family. Each different type is explained in simple terms, along with several examples, at In some homes, one type of shower for guests or children may be used while a more luxury-type of shower is selected for the main bathroom.

Electric and Mixer Showers
Electric and mixed showers essentially perform the same task. There are few differences with the main difference being that a mixer shower combines hot and cold water for an ideal temperature. Electric showers, or basic showers, just adjust hot temperatures. Both are efficient and run without the use of a water heater.

Power Showers
Just as the type suggests, the power shower brings an increased flow of water to the surface. The heavier flow is pushed through onto the body with a greater force. This provides a massage-like experience. After a hard day at work, or a long day of working in the garden, a massaging shower is often the best solution.

Shower Towers
With a shower tower, a panel is installed inside the shower area. This allows you to control the flow, type of spray and heat all from the panel. It makes the showering experience customised for every person in the home. Depending on what you require each day, the experience can be different. For instance, if it is hot outside and you need to cool off, select a gentle spray with cooler water. On a day where you have worked hard and have sore muscles, consider a hotter setting with a power shower type of spray to provide a massaging effect.

Digital Showers
This is a bit of a luxury shower option. Digital showers are set to be easy to control. You simply set the temperature in which you would like the water at and walk away. You’ll be notified with a beep or chime that the shower is ready. There are no more periods of waiting around for minutes on end for the water to heat up or shivering in a chilly bathroom in the morning with this option.

Shower Body Jets
This is another luxury addition to the typical shower. These shower body jets can be installed in several walls of the shower area at different heights. The idea of these is to provide a full body massage-like experience. Jets can be customised with their settings to pulse, run with more power or provide a softer flow of water.

If you cannot decide which shower to use in your home, consider speaking with a plumber. For some families, efficiency is of the utmost importance while in others, sheer comfort and relaxation is the main requirement. Using one of the above types of showers in combination with the body jets may just be the ultimate combination to create a relaxing oasis.

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