Dec 14, 2013

Maintaining your sliding doors – Safety considerations

Although it’s actually very easy to maintain your sliding doors at home – there’s rarely any need to contact a handyman – safety should always be a priority and if you’re maintaining heavy glass sliding doors then safety becomes a greater priority. Have someone help you lift your glass sliding doors off the tracks, for although they mightn’t be overly heavy they often prove quite cumbersome. Therefore there’s a risk that you mightn’t be able to handle them comfortably, so don’t take any chances.

Maintaining your sliding doors – Regular maintenance saves time

Although you’ll need to take your sliding doors off their tracks from time to time, a little regular maintenance goes a long way and reduces the need to disassemble them more frequently than is necessary. When you vacuum or sweep the floors, clean the tracks to remove any debris that has gathered there. This is generally the cause of most problems that you’ll experience with your sliding doors, especially your patio doors, and a little maintenance can help to reduce the frequency in which you need to disassemble them.

There are a few things to take note of before you start disassembling your sliding doors to give them a thorough clean, like adjusting an often overlooked mechanism known as the ‘adjusting screw’. This mechanism is located at the bottom of the sliding door just above the track and raises or lowers the roller. Sometimes this mechanism is turned too tightly and it’s this, not debris or dirt caught in the track, which makes opening and closing the sliding door difficult.

You will also need to give your sliding door locks a thorough clean from time to time, just as you would the locks on your UK GRP composite doors at the entrance to your home, so disassemble them, give them a thorough clean with a toothbrush and use an aerosol lubricant to coat the moving parts of the lock. You’ll also need to lubricate the rollers on your sliding doors to keep them moving smoothly, so after cleaning the tracks and rollers with a toothbrush, give the rollers, not the tracks, a thorough spray with lubricant to coat their moving parts before reassembling them.

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