Dec 10, 2013

Advantages Of Using A Stainless Steel Clothes Line

Advantages Of Using A Stainless Steel Clothes Line -When the TV news magazine show “Inside Edition” featured the hazards of using machine dryers (they gather a lot of flammable lint that can burst into flames upon exposure to heat), many people from countries that have good weather for the most part of the year, such as Australia, actually expressed the desire to make a switch to the safer, traditional way of drying laundry — which is using a clothes line.

While making the switch will mean significantly more work for homemakers, especially since drying can take a much longer time and they will have to hang clothes on the line properly, then afterwards they will have to iron the dry clothes, ensuring the safety of their household better is deemed always worth the sacrifice and hard work.

But how does drying work on bad weather days? Well, most of today’s clothes lines can be installed indoors and outdoors, so indoor air-drying of laundry is possible. There are various designs for an effective stainless steel clothes line and many are compact enough for easy installation in small rooms, basements, and patios for indoor drying. Households can have one to use for indoor drying and another one for outdoor drying – they can easily switch back and forth between these two whenever there’s a change in weather. When the dour weather changes back to sunny, they can go back to drying outdoors and when it gets wet out again, they can go back to drying indoors.

Stainless steel clotheslines, for example, are very easy to install. A core hole is only needed to be drilled on the concrete or any wall.

Apart from these benefits, another important advantage stainless steel clotheslines provide is their ability to hold a lot of laundry items even if they have a very compact design. An accordion-type clothesline that can be stretched out can actually hold up to 75 kilograms of laundry; it is incredibly durable and remains sturdy even if people pull them out and push them back in frequently. Likewise, the material does not corrode or rust over time even if it’s exposed to harsh weather elements like rain and snow; plus, cleaning to get rid of water stains and dirt is easy.

Lastly, these clothes lines are quite versatile – you can dry anything on them, be they damp books, shoes, bags, toys, etc. It is important to mention as well that some people are known to double the function of their accordion type stainless steel clothes lines by turning them into temporary shelves when pushed against the wall for storage. They place laundry brushes, detergents and other essentials on the “plank” created by the “gathered” lines or bars.

With many people being more environmental-friendly and pitching in with energy conservation, going back to the basics is really making worth the switch to. Natural air-drying of clothes instead of using electrical dryers and other machines, not only helps in reducing or lowering one’s electricity or utility bills, but also contributes greatly in lessening pollutions and other environmental wastes.

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