Dec 7, 2013

How Long Does It Take To Open A Retractable Patio Awning?

When we picture our dream home, most of us also imagine a beautiful garden. A lush and green sanctuary where we can spend lazy summer days out on the patio. Fortunately, this isn't a difficult dream to make manifest - you've just got to put a little bit of work in first. It isn't just the inside of a home that people care about, it's the outside too. 

These days, retractable patio awnings are much more common than they used to be ten years ago. This is because they're a lot less expensive than they used to be ten years ago, says Plus, they're the most versatile and attractive way to extend the life and use of your garden. A patio awning is mainly used to provide shade during the summer, but it will also protect you from UV rays, wind, heat and harsh conditions.

A retractable awning manages to do all of these things, whilst looking stylish and cool. If you buy a top quality product, it should not take longer than a minute and a half to fully open and retract. It will take longer than this if your awning doesn't have a very powerful motor, that's why you should pick your product very carefully. When it comes to flexibility, there are few things as convenient as retractable awnings. With a fixed awning, there's no level of control involved - it's all or nothing.

 Just because you want a little bit of shade on a sunny afternoon, that doesn't mean that you want to be plunged into darkness by a heavy immovable patio cover. With a retractable alternative, you are free to choose the optimum level of shade, says New York Times journalist Jay Romano. Plus, a retractable product doesn't need poles or posts which makes it much safer for families with children. The benefits that come with a retractable patio awning far outweigh the money it costs to buy and install one.

If you choose a reliable manufacturer like Patio Awnings 4 Less you'll be guaranteed a top quality awning at the best possible price. These are hardy devices - take good care of yours and it will last for a very long time. For those looking for a way to enhance their gardens, this is a great way to do it. A retractable patio awning can be wound in or taken down during winter months, but a fixed awning forced to take everything that the weather can throw at it. 

This is why fixed awnings tend not to last as long as retractable ones - high winds, storms and heavy snowfall can wreak havoc. When it comes to the summer months, retractable awnings win big there too. It has been proven that retractable patio awnings can reduce the amount of heat in your home by almost eighty per cent, say the experts at This can save your household a lot of money on air conditioning bills.

Like all things, retractable awnings come with a few minor drawbacks. If you have an awning that is powered by electric, it will need regular monitoring and maintenance. When the weather is poor, it is your job to wind away and store the awning cover. If you fail to do this during bouts of heavy wind and rain, your patio awning might not last as long as it should. It Don't forget that all it take is a push of a button.

As aforementioned, a top quality product will retract and open within a minute and a half. This does mean that you can afford to wait until its already raining to wind your awning away. It's much better if you take this measure pre-emptively, but a fast motor will save an awning form imminent weather damage. You can install most awnings yourself, but it is a tricky job - it can dangerous, too. You are advised to seek the help of a reliable manufacturer.

Author Bio: George Grey is a textile designer from Lincolnshire. He recommends Patio Awnings 4 Less for the best quality retractable patio awnings. George can usually be found sizing up new materials, or sketching out new designs. 
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