Dec 18, 2013

Steam Cleaning Your Carpet: Putting The Heat on Dirt

Prevention is the first step in keeping your carpet clean. Prevent dirt from entering your home by asking people to wipe their feet or remove their shoes altogether. Make sure to vacuum your carpet thoroughly on a regular basis. Act quickly on stains when they happen. Most spills can be easily cleaned with water, vinegar or an inexpensive cleaning product. To determine if your carpet needs cleaning, take a look at the carpet under furniture. If it appears much cleaner, it is time to get out your steam cleaner

To prepare your carpet for steam cleaning, remove as much furniture as possible. If you cannot remove a piece of furniture, use squares of wax paper or aluminum foil under remaining furniture for protection. Leave these squares in place until carpet is thoroughly dry. Make sure to vacuum your carpet really well from several angles prior to using your steam cleaner.

Ideally, pick a time to steam clean your carpet when it is not too humid outside, and you can open the windows to help the carpet dry more quickly. To encourage quicker drying time, you can also turn the air conditioner up and turn on a dehumidifier. Try to choose a day when there will be minimal traffic on the carpet.

Follow the instructions on your steam cleaner and on the cleaning solution you plan on using. Start cleaning at the edge that is the farthest away from the entrance of the room, so you do not end up walking over freshly cleaned carpet. Steam cleaners should be able to remove enough water from the carpet that it can dry within twelve hours. Over wetting your carpet can cause damage and encourage mold growth.

Start cleaning your carpet slowly within a small radius on carpet. If you go too quickly, it is possible the carpet steamer won’t have enough time to attack the dirt and stains it was meant to clean. You should spend about twenty to thirty seconds on each area to make sure the machine has enough time to do its job.If you have pet urine stains, it is important to thoroughly clean and remove stains before proceeding with carpet cleaning. Steam cleaners are not recommended for pet stains because permanent stains and odors can be created by the hot water crystallizing pet urine within the carpet fibers.

Replacing a damaged carpet is costly and time-consuming. So, it makes sense to take the best possible care of the carpet you have! You can accomplish this by preventing as much dirt as possible from entering your home; vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis; and, cleaning up stains as soon as they happen. Steam cleaning your carpet is recommended every six months.

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