Dec 17, 2013

Four Steps to a Organized Home or Office

Cluttered offices and homes are a common complaint; a large portion of the human race doesn't seem to naturally carry the organization gene. However, with just a bit of work, any wild mess of papers can be tamed. If you start by clearing out the clutter, create proper filing systems, and get the necessary equipment, you're almost sure to succeed. In the rare case that your project is just a bit larger or more difficult, hire outside help. Office cleaning and commercial cleaning services really can work miracles when everything else has failed. 

1 - Start by clearing out the clutter
If you can't see your desk or floor because too many papers are in the way, it's time to clear out the clutter. Scoop all the loose papers into piles and take a day to go through them. If you can't devote an entire day to the task, then just get through one pile per day. Decide what papers are really important to keep and what can be tossed. The papers that need to be kept should be set aside for filing later on. 

2 - Create a filing system that works for you
Your home and office is your space; whatever filing system you use needs to work for you. Try to think how your day functions on a regular basis, what documents you need most often, and how much paperwork you're going to need to store. 

3 - Get the organization equipment you need
To get organized home or office, you're going to need the right equipment: sorting boxes, filing cabinets, folders, etc. You can visit any number of organization stores and find these products (make sure to take measurements with you). However, if you're on a budget then you might be able to come up with wallet-friendly alternatives. Used filing cabinets are not hard to find; once bought, you can use some pretty contact paper to update the finish. Sorting boxes can be made from any old cardboard box; cover with fabric or contact paper to help coordinate colors. Patterned folders with fun prints are attractive, but cheap manila ones really do get the job done just as well. 

4 - Enlist professional help when necessary
Everyone has their own talents, but not everyone is a master or organization and cleanliness. If your case is really hopeless, hire professional office cleaning or commercial cleaning crews. While most businesses would rather not add an extra bill to their pile, consider the money saved over doing all the work yourself.

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