Dec 19, 2013

Ten of the Coolest Kitchen Modifications for Brisbane Homes

The household kitchen: it’s where you spend quite a lot of your time, so why not do it up in a stylish, modern manner? While making meals or entertaining friends, you can enjoy the beautifully-designed interiors and get more out of life. Of course, you’ll need to conduct these renovations in the right manner, hiring some of the best building contractors that Brisbane has available. You’ll also need some inspiration to work out exactly what you are going to do with this meal preparation space.

1.      Glass doors or skylights.

If you want to bring light to your kitchen, this idea is highly recommended. The Queensland weather is some of the best on the planet so why not let it into your home through some added glass doors or overhead skylights?

2.      Central kitchen counter.

If you have a large kitchen, a central work area is a smart way to facilitate household food preparation and guest entertainment as well. These types of home renovations will also provide additional storage space: a must for any food-loving Brisbane socialite.

3.      Basement kitchens.

Those with unused space under their home can convert this area into an actual kitchen! This is a simple way to create more room in the household without undergoing an extension. Instead, you can transform your existing space into something more usable.

4.      Bi-folding or sliding doors.

If your kitchen is right next to the garden, installing some glass sliding or bi-fold doors can be an excellent idea. Open up your home and enjoy that amazing Brisbane weather and some added sunshine while preparing your next meal.

5.      Gable or bay windows.

Another way to improve the decor and let in some light is to add some stylish window designs to your interiors. To create extra space when carrying out major kitchen renovations in Brisbane, you may even opt for bay windows as well!

6.      Stone tiled flooring.

For a sleek modern look that’s easy to clean, place some contemporary tile patterns on the floor of your home. This material will also keep your kitchen cool in the harsh Queensland weather, a must for those who prepare meals all year round.

7.      Glass-panelled side extensions.

Yet another option for brightening up your interior space, you can knock out a wall and replace it with panes of glass. In this way, your kitchen will be flooded with light and you’ll get a magnificent view of the outside while you cook.

8.      Vibrant colour combinations.

It’s also important to think about the tones you use. Contrasts between neutral and bright colours will do wonders for your interior design. Paint the wall cream, grey or white and then add cabinets and appliances which are bright and vivid in comparison!

9.      Roof-mounted extractor fan.

For a practical addition that looks amazing, install a stainless steel extractor fan on your ceiling. Not only will this suck the smoke right out of your home interiors but it will also add a modern, stylish look to your Brisbane kitchen.

10.  Built-in cupboards, stoves, etc.

Our last suggestion is to improve your space efficiency by placing some in-built features in your kitchen. This can include wall-mounted cabinets, dishwashers, bench tops and more. Just make sure to choose the right colour and style for the perfect interior design.

Whether you use one or a combination of the above suggestions, your Brisbane kitchen will transform in front of your eyes. Never again will you have to dread spending time there! Instead, you’ll be eager to invite some guests around to see your new home and perhaps whip them up a meal as well.

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