Dec 27, 2013

Finding the Ideal Carpet Option for Your Home

Nothing can match the pleasure to feel smoothness and warmth under your feet during coldest days in the year. So, this winter season could be the perfect time to change your worn-out carpet. Though carpet flooring requires you to vacuum and clean it regularly, its beneficial characters make carpet is still preferred by many homeowners to be installed in several spaces in their homes such as living room, family room and bedrooms.


Carpet can be the most suitable flooring option if you search for softness, relaxedness, comfort, beauty, as well as warm and peaceful ambiance inside a room. As the softest surface of various flooring options, you can rely on the common values of carpet to provide your family with the comfortableness and smoothness.  But if you desire to place carpet in your busy and heavy-foot traffic family room, you should seek the best grade of carpet.


Many home owners are looking for the supreme carpet that offers finest performance in both strength and softness values.  Thanks to the advanced fiber technology, currently there’s already available the specifically produced Tigressa carpet that allows you to benefit much from its first-rate values at once.


Placing low quality carpet floor cover only means costly spending in the future as you must replace the carpet frequently. High quality carpet like Tigressa gives you privilege to enjoy various advantages for many years to come, so actually you save a lot.  Many offered products of this carpet brand have four and five star rating; you should choose these products for your family room as you’ll get carpet with best performance and strength in different aspects including cushion, wear guarantee, texture retention, stain and dirt resistance.

Calandra Tweed  by Tigressa Cherish

According to carpet experts’ suggestion, one of the best carpet choices for high traffic spaces is the carpet produced from excellent fibers such as nylon, polyester or PET polyester. For your information, Tigressa carpet created from the best and the newest generation of nylon kind that used in the most advanced carpet technology. Thus, Tigressa carpet can be the right answer for your quest of the perfect nylon carpet!


Home owners who live around Lubbock, TX can discover high quality carpets at great prices without facing hassles since they can visit a reliable flooring store nearby like Leftwitch Chapman Flooring America that offers a range of wonderful carpet collection to suit any budget, preference, style and design. Dealing with the right store and skilled people will assure you more to obtain the best of your new floor.

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