Dec 17, 2013

A Cosy Interior Design Makeover this Christmas

Christmas is the perfect holiday to spend quality time with loved ones and friends. While it’s great to sip on eggnog and trim up the tree, you can also use this time to decorate your home. In fact, there are several ideas that can help you spruce up its interiors in a festive manner.

According to interior design experts, candles are the perfect way to make your house more inviting and cozy. Not only are they easy on the eye, they tend to add a certain flair and ambiance to the season. As always, there are multiple candle styles and scents to choose from. This includes red and green candles, along with hickory and popular cinnamon flavors.

In addition to holiday candles, nothing says Christmas more than a warm fireplace. If you don’t have a built in fireplace, there are portable units available. As always, follow all instructions and be careful when lighting that fire. For those with existing units, the mantle can be decorated with Christmas stockings and festive ornaments. Whether it’s roasting marshmallows with the family or simply snuggling up with your significant other, fireplaces can be decorated to effectively capture the essence and mood of Christmas. Traditional and contemporary gas stoves also look great alongside your Christmas decks.

There is no better way to enhance your Christmas party than with baking. From pumpkin to pecan pies, freshly baked pies really add true Christmas charm to your home. In addition to their tantalizing scents, pies simply add to your overall kitchen’s d├ęcor. If you are looking for new and innovative ideas, the Internet is the best place to check. In fact, Pinterest now showcases an amazing selection of winter decoration ideas and imagery. This includes new trims for the tree, along with snuggly accessories the entire family will enjoy on Christmas Eve. There are several online and traditional magazines that also cover the best carols to sing, games to play, and snacks to munch on as Christmas night nears.

Another way to makeover your home this Christmas is by using green and red light bulbs. Simply remove your white bulbs in favor of these colored versions. Millions of families across the nation are tapping into this trend, which makes their homes look more like a sleepy Christmas cottages!

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