Dec 23, 2013

Bring In A Natural and Antique Look with Aged Wood Gray Bathroom Vanities

While most types of wood lose color and go gray eventually, the vanities made from naturally weathered wood keep their own unique charm for years.  These vanity cabinets have their unique and distinctive character and let you emboss the exclusive style of your bathroom with the grace and charm of antique pieces. It is also a better option than those mahogany-finished models which are originally made of oak. 

The color Gray, very natural, very real: The classy aged wood bathroom vanities come in natural color. When this wood is first cut it contains all its moisture and natural oils; a basic sealant is used to maintain its moisture which helps in enhancing the wood’s natural color. With time, the moisture content of the unfinished wood decreases and natural oils dry out. For oily woods like teak it’s only about re-application of natural oil to bring the color back, but it is not a natural choice but a cosmetic one. Whereas, graying, which is a natural process, requires six months to one year to complete the process. Graying offers the wood a natural silvery color which although not exactly the original color, looks all the more natural.

Reasons for you to choose Gray Bathroom Vanities: Graying, although a very natural process may not be desirable for all kinds of applications. For the homeowners using natural wood may be considered a drawback. But for the furniture pieces, especially for bathroom vanities, silvery gray wood proves to be more appealing.

Blending the essence of antique and rustic: While making a choice of antique bathroom vanity, most of us prefer to go for the dark wood finishes in mahogany or cherry. But these finishes used in original antiques require lots of care and maintenance to keep the rich, deep chocolaty color. On the other hand, Aged wood vanities that come with a bit more rustic look requires very little or no maintenance over the years. Therefore, you do not have to worry much about maintaining or restoring. These classic, aesthetic pieces as the dear possession of a family continue to be loved by generation after generation.

Go Natural: The most appealing factor about aged wood vanities is they can portray the natural character of the wood. Silvery aged wood comes up not only as a more natural alternative but stands out from the rest with its exclusive charm. The unique rustic appeal of slightly more weathered pieces can add some personality to your farmhouse or seaside cottage styled bathrooms.

Style with protection and resistance: The aged wood vanities are no less when it is about ensuring water protection. It is possible to preserve the elegant silvery color and classy finish of these kinds of vanities and at the same time be assured that it will maintain the heat and humidity level of a bathroom well. The exclusive hand finished vanities are created following an extensive process and by applying multi-layers of varnishes. All these measures are aimed at ensuring that the wood is protected from any kind of weathering, be it cracking, warping or peeling or any other kind while maintaining the natural appearance of the wood well.

Picking up the right accessories: Finally it is also important to choose the proper accessories to make the look work. When you want to flaunt the antique aspect of this kind of vanities, go for the knobs, pulls and accents in antique brass or pewter. A slight touch of elegance plays a great role in elevating the overall look of the vanity adding the element of sophistication of aged wood. Whereas, when a bit rustic bathroom d├ęcor is in mind, knobs or pulls in neutral metal or wood would create the look you desire.

An amazing range of elegant, rustic and antique aged wood vanities are available in oak, pine, and mahogany which ensure a long time beauty and complete bathroom efficiency at the same time. Whether featuring a country, rustic or simply traditional interior design, the classic and appealing aged wood gray bathroom vanities can create a warm and welcoming look that you dreamt of.

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