May 30, 2012

Why Not Having a Clear Property Investment Strategy is the Biggest Mistake

Property investment is said to be one of the most crucial ways to expand your wealth. In a stable economy, it can yield high profitability. However, you definitely have to face tough time if you are living in a recessionary economy. The only way to get rid of any financial blunders is to make a sound property investment strategy. Failure to do so can be the biggest mistake of your life. Having an appropriate property investment strategy can save you a lot of money as well as time. The following factors will help you understand how not having a clear strategy on property investment can cost you a lot:

Not Taking Advice from Estate Agents

Most people think that they are qualified enough to research the property themselves and make a final purchase decision. However, they often forget that being their own advisor can lead to an ineffective property investment strategy. Moreover, they prefer to buy properties in those areas that are similar to their own areas of residence. They neglect other residential areas that have a lot of potential growth. Therefore, the best practice in terms of property investment is to consult online estate agents.

Emotional Investment Decisions

A property investment strategy should have nothing to do with emotions. If you make emotional investment decisions, you can end up losing a lot of money on a property that does not promise you any prospects for growth. Although your emotional attachment with your house is important, you should not forget the power of a sound property investment strategy. For instance, if online estate agents advise you to rent out your property, then you should follow the advice.

Purchase of Old Properties

A vague property investment strategy also includes the decision to purchase old properties. When investors buy old apartments, they do not realize that an old property requires a lot of renovation costs. Although these properties are sold at low price, what compensate their low prices are high renovation costs. Therefore, there is no use of buying an old property.

Short-Term Investment Plans

Many people start investing in various properties once they have sufficient money to spend. However, their inappropriate property investment practices can result in a financial disaster. This is because they have not planned for their investments in the long run. Short-term planning, especially in the property industry can never make an ordinary investor successful.

Long-term planning is what makes a property investment strategy worth considering. The main reason behind it is that you will only be able to succeed if you have a clear and long-term goal in your mind for at least ten years.

No Re-Assessments

Once you understand the nature of property investment as a long-term strategy, it is easy to for you to explain it to others as well. Along with long-term property goals, it is important to know that a property requires a periodic review or regular assessments. This is essential for the growth of the property because it requires being updated with real estate market trends.

Limited Financial Literacy

Many property investors take their financial decisions on their limited financial literacy. They think that they have ample knowledge of the real estate market. Therefore, they do not prefer to take help from professionals working in popular estate agencies. As a result, their limited knowledge is the main reason behind the failure of their property investment strategies. The only solution they have is to consult estate agents.

Limited Choice in Buying a Property

Obviously, purchasing a property is a big financial decision. This is because you have to invest thousands of dollars in it. Some people save money all their life and make a wrong decision in terms of property investment. It happens a lot of times that they do not get the yield from their investments.

Although there are various reasons behind this phenomenon, the most visible one is that these investors restrict their choices. They buy properties that they like. It indicates that they do not consider any logical reason behind buying any property. They can earn high returns from their investments only if they do not limit their choice when buying a property. Keeping the above factors in mind, you should always follow the advice of online estate agents in terms of making a property investment strategy.

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