May 3, 2012

Planning a Stay-at-Home Buck’s Party

While some guys love to go out and party in the city for their buck’s night, some prefer to stay in. There are plenty of benefits and good times to be had at an ‘at home’ buck’s night and it’s usually much cheaper than going out. Here’s the lowdown on venue, booze, food, and entertainment that will have your mates wishing you were getting married every weekend!

The Right House

First off, you’ll need to pick a good house to have your buck’s party. Will it be your own home or someone else’s? If you already live with your wife to be, perhaps you could suggest that she’d like to spend a weekend away with her friends. Make sure you tell her what you’re planning, though, and buy her some flowers or chocolates as a thank-you gift. Think about how many people you’re planning to invite over and how much space you need. A small apartment could be okay, but do you know someone who’s got a backyard? It’s also a good idea to have the party in a place where a spilt beer on the carpet won’t be a disaster.


If your mates are big drinkers, stocking up on booze will be essential for your buck’s night. If you’re trying to save on dosh, stock your kitchen full of beer (even hire a keg) and tell your mates that if they want other types of alcohol, they’ll need to bring their own. If you’re not that much into booze, consider what other things you’re mates will want to drink – fizzy drinks and energy drinks are usually the go.


Food is essential, especially for later in the night if you’ll all be drinking. If you’ve got a yard or a balcony, consider organising a BBQ. If you haven’t got space for a barbie or don’t want to put in heaps of effort, a table full of chips, dips, pretzels and other ‘snack’ foods will go down well too. If you want something more substantial, consider oven-food like party pies and sausage rolls that are quick and easy to prepare. Alternatively, order pizza!


Make sure you have an endless stream of music playing at your buck’s night to really pump up the party atmosphere. Remember that there are noise restrictions, though, and that your neighbours probably won’t appreciate excessively loud music all night. The last thing you want is a bunch of cops showing up at the door and ruining your fun. It might be worth arranging to send flowers to your neighbours in advance with a note explaining your planned celebration – it is polite to give them advance warning of any activity out of the ordinary and they will probably send their congratulations rather than call the police to complain!


It’s almost standard practice these days and having a stripper at your party can be loads of fun! It is usual for the best man to organise this rather than the buck himself. If you are the best man, make sure you know whether this is something that the groom would like. If you don’t want the stripper to be the centre of the night’s entertainment, why not consider hiring some topless waitresses instead!

Other Entertainment

If the groom is not the stripper type, respect his decision and come up with some other activities like a poker night, a night of drinking games of even a game of footy or soccer in a yard or nearby park. If you’re still stuck for ideas, consider an activity elsewhere like paintball, golf or off-road driving and then head back to the house later on.


If you’re all drinking or if you live in the sticks, it’s also a good idea to let your mates crash the night. However, if not, you can consider providing them with a hire bus or maxi taxi to take them home at the end of the night. If you live in a shared house, make sure you give them a time of when they have to be out the next day.  

Follow all of these tips and you’re bound to have a fantastic buck’s night. Your mates will wish you were getting married every other week!
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