May 27, 2012

Making Better Use of a Spare Room

Is your spare room going to waste? Are you just using it store all your unwanted things? The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a place where you store everything from old text books to sporting equipment. It doesn’t take a lot of effort – or money - to turn it into something more useable and practical. Here are some ideas to make better use of it.

Turn it into a home office

If you work from home, need somewhere for the kids to do their homework or just a place to keep your computer and household paperwork, the spare room is just crying out to be converted into a home office.

It doesn’t take much to do and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Look at adding a sturdy desk that can fit a computer while leaving yourself room to work. Get a good chair that is comfortable and supportive. Add a filing cabinet for important documents and some other storage, such as a cupboard or shelving, and you are well on your way to creating the perfect work space.

Just remember to check if there are plenty of powerpoints and other connections, such as a phone point for a modem.

Kids’ playroom
Tired of the kids making a mess in the lounge room and family room? Then take it out of sight by creating a kids’ playroom in the wasted spare bedroom. It also provides the perfect opportunity to take some of the toys out of their bedrooms that contribute to the clutter.

Adding a television (and the inevitable gaming systems that go with them) can also add a solution when it comes to arguments over the TV remote.

Throw in a couple of bean bags, some simple storage for their toys and you have an escape that kids of all ages will love. You can even add a cheap sofa bed which comes in handy when you have visitors stay overnight.

Craft room

If you love to sew, knit, scrapbook or do anything else creative then the spare room can become a haven. Adding a simple table can provide a platform for a sewing machine, while some simple storage solutions such as cupboards provide the perfect place to keep all of your materials.

By keeping the floor clear of clutter you also give yourself plenty of room to spread out while working rather than taking up space in high traffic areas of the home. Using the spare room as a craft room also means you can close the door on a half-finished project and come back to it later without fear of it being disturbed.

Home gym

There is no need to pay expensive gym membership if you have a spare room at home. It is easy to turn into your own personal home gym, especially if you already have some of the equipment. You don’t have to be a gym junkie to make the most of it either – adding an exercise bike and/or a treadmill is more than enough. It gives you a place to exercise in private and whenever you want.
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