May 25, 2012

General Costs of Burial Plots

Everyone recognises that a funeral can be an expensive event. Most people do not realise, however, quite what the costs will be. There are a wide array of funeral costs but it is the ones that aren’t considered that actually tend to cost the most. One of the more expensive elements of a funeral is buying the burial plot. This article considers the costs of getting the right spot.

When to Buy

Buying a burial spot is something that can be done well ahead of time. You can buy it for when you are ready to depart and this can be a huge help to your family. A burial plot will potentially be very expensive so buying in advance or at least adding funeral cover to your life insurance will greatly ease the burden on your family when you depart.

Remember that if you wish to be buried in the same area as family members, you will need to buy plots in advance to ensure that you can have your wish. Buying multiple plots at once will usually get you a discount, however.

How to Buy

1.       Choose your Cemetery.
Choosing your cemetery will probably be an easy choice. It will usually be somewhere with a close family connection and an aesthetic surrounding. The prices of plots within a cemetery will vary hugely so be aware of this.

2.       Look Around
Go to the cemetery and ask for a map of the available plots. Plots will be available in many locations around the cemetery, but the ocean view will be noticeably more expensive than the ones further from the sea.

3.       Compare Prices
Picking a few ideal spots and comparing the prices is a sensible idea. You will find huge variations and sometimes it just isn’t practical to opt for the ocean view.

4.       Consider the Grave
The type of grave you opt for will also have a big impact on the value of the plot. Consider whether you want a mausoleum, a flower garden, or a cremation burials plot. If you are planning for a family tomb to be created then there will need to be some significant planning carried out so you will have to approach the cemetery well in advance of the first death.

5.       Consider Other Fees
Many cemeteries will have opening and closing fees which aren’t included in the cost of a plot. Be sure to consider the cost of the actual burial because this expense could push your budget over otherwise.

6.       Inform the Funeral Home or Buy Directly
If the funeral and burial is an imminent event then be sure to inform the funeral home of your decision to buy. They will then handle the purchase and the arrangements for opening and closing along with those of the ceremony. If you are shopping for future use then you can make the purchase of a plot directly with the funeral home. In this case it is essential that you include this information in your Last Testament and Will because otherwise the Executor may not carry out your wishes.
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