May 15, 2012

Decorating Your Home with Unique Art

If your home is a bit bland you might want to try some unique art like sculptures as well as indigenous art. It doesn’t have to cost the earth and you don’t have to be bound by art that hangs on the wall. Sculptures, pottery and even quirky Australian souvenirs can make a statement. Just remember, good art is art that appeals to you and looks good in your home.

What makes art unique?

Unique art is generally accepted as something original – a piece that you will not find anywhere else. Unique art can also be closely related to other similar pieces, or part of a very limited release. No matter where it comes from, what’s important is that you like it – good art is appreciated and enjoyed by the owner, regardless of what everyone else thinks of it.

Unique art is not limited to just paintings and works by widely recognised artists. It can take any shape or form, from sculptures to even pottery. Hanging art, however, is the most common medium when it comes to decorating your home and there is a wide range available, from unique pieces by local artists to prints of well-known artworks, and Aboriginal art.

Consider the space

When buying art, it is vital that you consider how it is going to work in the space you plan to hang it or show it. There is no point buying a sculpture, for example, that will overwhelm a small room. Paintings should also be in proportion to the wall it will hang on. Consider the colours that dominate the artwork as well. Will it blend with your current d├ęcor, clash with it or complement your current style?

It is also a good idea to “go with the flow”. Consider how the artwork will look from another room – or even from the outside - if your home is an open-plan design. Don’t just stand three feet back to determine if it works – look at it from all angles and all distances. Don’t be scared to try it in different positions as well to ensure it sits in the best possible place.

Your style is your own

While the input of others can be quite helpful, sometimes too much advice can affect your decision when buying artwork. This is especially true when it is an integral part of home decorating. If you like a certain style, stick with it. Remember, it is your home and you are the one who is going to live with the decisions you make. So listen to your heart rather and take notice of opinions – but don’t be guided by the thoughts of others.

Good art doesn’t have to cost the earth

Always remember that good art is art that YOU enjoy. If it only costs a few dollars, even better. Unique art - especially traditional indigenous pieces, one-off works and those by well-known artists or with historical significance - are going to cost more. If that is your style then don’t be put off by the price tag.

Make sure you get the works authenticated if it is by a highly-collectible artist to be sure you aren’t buying a fake – there are plenty of forgeries in the art world. But quite often the pieces that suit individuals best are those found at regional art shows, markets or even home studios. They don’t break the bank but they still look good.
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