May 8, 2012

4 Signs of Quality When Looking for a Mattress

 Studies suggest that on average, a regular human being spends around 1/3 of his life on the bed. What comes as a shock is that little research has been done on what type of mattress is best suited for sleeping purposes. There is also no way to know how a mattress affects a person’s health.

It is very important that no compromise is made on the quality of the mattress, considering the fact that a mattress that is used every day can last for eight to ten years. The better the quality of the mattress is, more comfortable and sound the sleep is. When shopping for a mattress, look for a few things that can help buy the best quality that can come in the allotted budget.

It does not matter if one is buying an inner spring, latex or memory foam; the important thing is to buy a mattress that is firm but not hard. The firmness of the mattress determines the amount of support the spine can get throughout the night. It is believed that a mattress that moulds to the shape of the body is the best to sleep on (for example, the memory foam mattress).

It is said that one should not judge a book by its cover, however, when it comes to mattresses, the cover matters a lot. Check the stitches of the cover; there should be no broken stitches or overlapping stitches for that matter. It is also important that the mattress cover is not too loose or tight.

Cheap mattresses (foam or inner spring) have a vinyl covering that can crack, dry out or tear with the passage of time. With the increase in price, the covering also improves. It gets thicker and becomes more puncture resistant. Heavy mattresses tend to have better quality. That is usually because the foam is denser or the springs have been made with enhanced quality steel and provide a better cushioning.

Reliable Dealer
It is also better to buy a mattress from a reputable and reliable dealer. Why? Because the more value the dealer has in the market, the more important it is for him to maintain good quality. Another important factor is that this dealer would have done more research and testing compared to others and keeps only reputable brands.

Good Foundation
To achieve the best comfort possible it is important to change the foundation of the mattress as often as the mattress. Check the box spring or foundation of the bed when changing the mattress. Start at the head of the bed and come down placing your palms flat on the surface of the box spring. If the foundation or box spring seems to sag, then it is best that you change it.

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JonaBQ said...

I prefer spring than the foam mattress. Foam mattresses absorbs too much heat.
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