May 9, 2012

Decorate Your Nursery on a Budget

Every parent wishes to nourish their child with the best nursery available, but unfortunately not everyone can afford it. It is not necessary for you to buy one of those nurseries in some big brand’s show room; you can also develop your own beautiful looking comfortable nursery. Here are some tips to decorate a nursery on a low budget:

* Borrow From Friends
You should not feel shy to borrow something from your relative, friend or a neighbor that has no further use for them. You might find a complete nursery set resting in dust in their attics. Also, they will love to give it to you because in that way they can put something they bought to a better use.

* Make the Most of Sales and Discount Offers
Keep an eye on different baby stores, whenever discount coupons are distributed or sales are offered, rush to avail them. You can save a lot of money this way. You can also buy stuff in bulk.

* Buy Convertible Furniture
Convertible furniture is becoming more and more famous these days. It is aesthetically appeasing and in the price of one, you can use it in place of more than one piece of furniture.

* Put the Gifts to Some Use
When you throw parties for your baby, don’t forget to put before them the list of requirements of the nursery. This way, you can assign them to arrange larger baby gear collectively while others individually. This will not only relieve you from the task of decorating the nursery but this will also make them be a part of a bigger thing.

* Buy Everything that has Unisex Characteristics
Usually parents buy baby stuff colored blue for boys and pink for girls, but buying everything colored white, yellow or other unisex colors since this can save a lot of money in future, in case a baby of the opposite gender arrives.

* Decorating Walls
Usually parents have to hire people to paint or paste wallpapers, it is not a very tough job neither does it takes any special skills. Cut the cost where you can and paint or wallpaper yourself. Don’t forget to choose a unisex color.

Decorating walls also includes many things like picture portraits and faux frames. You can easily build your own accessories for wall decorations. Use shiny CDs, paint old picture frames, put in some natural touch with flowers and leaves, use china plates, stickers, posters and there are many more creative and beautiful accessories you can easily design yourself.

* Buy Things That are Timeless
You don’t want to buy something that will turn useless in a time of one year only. Always watch for something that will last longer and your baby will not reject after growing a little older.

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