May 6, 2012

How to Pick the Perfect Blinds

There are so many types of blinds, it can be hard to pick which one ticks all the boxes for what you want. From roller blinds to verticals and venetians, each has their own unique set of benefits and looks. Cost is also an important factor and installation needs to be considered. This guide will help put you on the right path, whether you are looking at blinds for a new home or to replace those you already have.
Different types of blinds
There are many different types of blinds for the inside of your home and it’s important to consider all of their benefits and how they fit your needs. These are the most popular choices today:
·    Venetian and vertical blinds are a highly popular and cost-effective choice. They are widely used in first homes and rental properties. Venetians can be made of timber or aluminium and can be partially or fully opened to let in light. Verticals work in a similar manner but are made of fabric. Both types come in cheaper and more expensive options and a range of colours – as always, you get what you pay for. They are generally not regarded as the best for blocking out the heat.
·         Roller blinds are a popular choice for their simplicity, blockout qualities and wide range of colour and style choices. They are ideal for homes that require privacy but can also be opened up to let in light and air. Their simple roller system makes them easy to use and ensures they last for a long time. They even come in double rollers with one layer of blockout and another that lets in the light while retaining privacy.
·    Roman blinds are similar to roller blinds but fold down in a different manner and come in a different range of styles. They have a classic, contemporary look that is perfect in formal areas and all other parts of the home. They have excellent blockout qualities as well.
Factors to consider
Style and colour are just the starting point when it comes to choosing blinds. A wide range of colours means all types can fit into a home’s existing d├ęcor or can be used to help add a real feature to any room. Knowing what you want the blinds to achieve is probably the most important thing you need to consider. While privacy is paramount, letting in the light and breeze also needs to be factored in – some blinds are going to do this better than others. Blocking out the heat and keeping in the warmth are also important to think about – roller blinds and roman blinds are generally going to be the best in this department.
Talk to an expert
Using the services of a blinds expert is of utmost importance. They can help you choose the right type of blind – even down to the colour – once they understand your needs. It’s easy to do most things online, but having a representative visit your home can have added benefits. They can help you take into account sliding doors, security screens, odd-sized windows and whether the blinds should be mounted inside the window frame or outside. Having the windows expertly measured by the people who supply and manufacture the blinds is also a big plus – you will never have to worry about the blinds not fitting properly.
So now you know the basic things to consider when shopping for your blinds. The most important thing is to choose something that’s timeless and above all, have fun with it!
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